Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Generation Scared - Rise of the Chicken Hawks

Every generation is defined by the world they live in and how the people respond to the situations they are put in. We have seen “The Greatest Generation” and “Generation Me” but I would like to propose a new name for the current generation - “Generation Scared”. No time in history has our leaders lead and reacted out of fear like they are doing today, especially since 9/11/2001.

Throughout history American leaders have taken a stand, from Kennedy staring down the Soviets and the threat of nuclear war to Reagan showing compete weakness in foreign policy when it came to Iraq and Lebanon. Until 10 years ago America only used it military as a last resort and only when provoked, it was never used as a first strike to prevent something that might have happened. After 9/11/01 things changed dramatically and we went from a country of strong leaders to a country lead by chicken hawks.

When we first invaded Iraq George Bush Sr. knew that if we took out Hussein it would lead to nothing but trouble and it would cost millions of dollars and thousands of lives after a civil war broke out. He was a credible leader because when the country called for him to serve he put on a uniform and fought, unlike the leaders of today who all used their power and money to avoid military service and where more concerned about getting rich off America then defending her.

Before he left office President Bill Clinton used missile strikes to try and kill Osama Bin Laden, as soon as he did the republican party attacked him for his action. The same party who a year later would blame him not going harder after Bin Laden. After the attacks on the world trade center allegedly by Osama Bin Laden the Taliban offered to turn him over for trial but was rebuked by George Bush Jr. who had his mind set on going to war. Like the other leaders in his party President Bush, Vice President Cheney and many others all avoided military service when they where called to serve, now they where acting like military heroes.

For the next 8 years they used the power of fear to strip away peoples civil rights, win an election by using the “terror alert” system in a corrupt way to scare up support and worst of all the invade another country without anyone questioning their motives. They invaded Iraq based on lies and mistruths that Iraq not only had nukes and would use them but they where involved in 9/11. Now the leaders who where to afraid to fight in the military where now all of a sudden war heroes who where on the front line of protecting America, in most circles these people are called chicken hawks.

We are hearing the same things today about Iran that we heard in 2002 about Iraq and the republicans are beating the drum of war again. This time we have a whole new class of chicken hawks leading the parade with Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich and like the last republican administration not only has any of these men served his country but no one in their immediate family has put their lives on the line. They want to use fear tactics and scare the American people into fighting their wars but don’t believe in the cause enough to risk their own lives or the lives of the people they love.

Worst of all for the first time in history war is an afterthought, it’s not bad enough that these chickens want to send other peoples children to fight and die their wars but they won’t even ask their rich and powerful friends to make any sacrifices. They want to keep cutting taxes for corporations and the richest Americans at the same time they want to build up the army and start more wars, the money has to come from somewhere and they want it to be paid by poor people, seniors and the disabled making sacrifices. They can get away with this by playing the fear card and scaring the American people who don’t know any better, if you want the fear card to stop working then either bring back the draft or pass a 20% war tax. The minute politicians or their rich friends have to choose between protecting their money or protecting America the fear card will stop working as they will choose to protect their money every time.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

The big conservative health care lie

I keep hearing republicans and conservatives say that no one in America is denied needed health care, that is a flat out lie and if we had a real media they could call them out on it. Yes it’s true that the emergency room can not turn you away and that they have to treat you but it’s also true that by the time you get to the emergency room it’s usually to late. If you don’t have insurance most people can not afford to go to the doctor when they first realize that something may be wrong and they only go to the emergency room after it’s to late. This way of doing things costs Americans billions extra each year and would easily be fixed if every American had the means to see a doctor when they first suspected something was wrong.

An example of how universal care would save money

Patient a doesn’t feel well but puts off going to the doctor because they have children to feed and a home to pay for. After a while they feel even worse and finally decide to go to the emergency room where they are diagnosed with cancer. Now they have to have the cancer removed and go through treatment to try and save their lives. This will result in a long hospital stay and if they waited to long and are terminal it could lead to an extended stay and months on life sustaining meds and machines. Since they don’t have insurance and the hospital will not absorb these costs they are passed on to people with insurance raising their costs.

IF this person had insurance they could have visited the doctor early and been diagnosed at an early stage and their care would have been a lot cheaper and more importantly their children would still have a parent. This quick care would have saved hundreds of thousands of dollars for this one patient alone and lowered costs to everyone else.

IF this person survives they will need to take meds the rest of their lives and will have to choose between having their drugs filled or putting food on the table. If they choose the latter they will go without meds and end up back in the hospital on the dime of people with insurance. They will also probably lose their home and their family will have to file for bankruptcy to get out of the debt of hospital bills they can not pay.

Yes the hospital has to treat you if you go in but that doesn’t help with preventive care or the meds you will need after you leave the hospital and you will probably just end up right back in there. Every uninsured person who seeks help at the hospital is more money added to your insurance policy. The facts prove that survival rates are higher in countries with universal healthcare, life expectancy is longer and they spend a lot less on healthcare (with many countries spending less then half of what we do in America).

All the facts prove that universal healthcare is cheaper and more effective so why don’t we have it here in the United States? That’s an easy answer - the insurance companies spend billions each year buying politicians, running misleading advertisement and flat out lying to the American people. With over 40,000 people dying each year because of either lack of insurance or health company decision how can we call ourselves a civilized society? Would we allow a terrorist organization to pull a 9/11 every month if they donated enough money to political campaigns because that’s what health insurance companies do.

I’m all for capitalism and the free market but not when it comes to human lives, there are some things more important then money. I’m not a religious person but the bible I read didn’t have a god who decided who lived and dies by how much money they had. If one person dies because they had to choose feeding their children over getting the help they needed we are no better then a 3rd world country and have no right calling ourselves a superpower or a shining light on a hill.