Friday, November 2, 2012

Republican Exploitation of American lives

Something has been bothering me since September 11th 2001 and I can not hold it in anymore. When tragedy hits for 200 years America has come together and helped those in need, not because we had to or because there was anything in it for us but because it was the right thing to do. 9/11 changed a lot of things but for it’s the day decency died in American politics.

On Sept 11th America came together, we didn’t question why it happened or if it could have been prevented, we laced up our boots and went to work. First responders from all over the country diverged on New York City to help search for survivors than to clean up the rubble and search for victims. Brave men and women joined the military to avenge the day and many gave up everything to defend the country they love and hunt down the man who scarred America.

This spirit lasted about 2 years until the next election, then republicans decided they could use this event to win elections and set out to do so by running campaigns of fear exploiting the deaths of that tragic day. We started hearing things like “democrats can’t keep you safe” or “vote democrat and die”. It worked as republicans took control of the congress, senate and kept the white house.

In April 2004 a brave man who gave up millions in NFL money to fight for his country was killed in Afghanistan. On April 29th the top commander in Afghanistan contacted Central Command and advised them that Mr. Tillman was likely killed by friendly fire and suggested “The president be contacted in order to preclude any unknowing statements which may later embarrass the country” . May 3rd the Bush Administration had a nationally televised memorial for Mr. Tillman and the story was still he was killed by Enemy fire despite knowing better. May 29th it was finally announced that Pat Tillman was killed by friendly fire the official story has never been released and the family is still waiting for answers but the White house had no problem using the death of Mr. Tillman to promote their political agenda.

During the re-election of President Bush it was common for him to use the fear card, every time Mr. Bush fell behind John Kerry in the polls he announced that the terror alert would be raised but never gave any specifics, then right before the election Bin Laden was conveniently heard from and commercials were run showing wolves with the message being you are not safe and will die under democrats.

By 2008 America had enough with the fear card, it was used to pass through a “patriot act” that stripped away rights under the ruse of “security” and we were in a civil war in Iraq even though they had nothing to do with the Sept. attacks even though thanks to shady comments and faulty intel many of Americans believe they did. Republicans were swept out of office and the days of exploiting American deaths for political gains appeared to be over.

Early in 2011 President Obama came to the podium to announce that Osama Bin Laden had been killed and after almost 10 years many American could sleep better at night. Republican response was almost immediate as they said “don’t make the death political” then started to give Bush credit for intel that he got over 8 years prior though torture. If it was mentioned Bin Laden is dead Fox and republicans would scream we are playing politics with his death.

Sept 11th 2012 a horrible event happened in Libya which lead to the death of 4 Americans and the republican candidate couldn’t even wait 24 hours to come out and play politics with those deaths. Every day since that republicans have been exploiting those deaths to try and destroy Obama. Fox has had “several private sources” give them information that has since been proven a lie but instead of saying so they have doubled down on faulty intel and lies just to destroy Obama. Republicans immediately fell back into exploiting the deaths of Americans for political gains.

Days before the election and a hurricane hit the north east United States killing 90 people and leaving millions w/out power. The president stopped campaigning to return to Washington and be there for the Governors when they needed help both democrat and republican while Mitt Romney held a rally were he bought thousands in food to look like his supporters were donating. Days after and just 4 days before the election and now Fox (the propaganda wing of the republican party) is exploiting the suffering again to slander the president. In one day they have claimed he shouldn’t be campaigning and instead should just be in NY/NJ running things, they have called it worse than Katrina which I guess is true to them since they obviously believe the lives of 90 lost New Yorkers is more valuable than the loss of 1,800 poor people in New Orleans. They are now comparing it to 9/11 and when a benefit was planned they told their viewers not to watch or donate because it was just an “Obama Concert” even though it was to raise money for the hungry and cold people suffering from the affects of Sandy.

For most of my life I have been proud to be an American but in the last 12 years it has become more and more troublesome and there have been points where I have been ashamed of my country and we are living in one right now. The loss of one life is tragic and no life should be traded for political gains especially by people who consider themselves “Christians”. Today republicans would brag about and exploit the death of that liberal hippie Jesus if it means they could gain power and wealth.