Thursday, December 22, 2011

Why Bush gets NO credit

With the Fox “News” propaganda machine giving credit for anything good to previous president George W. Bush and all the blame for anything bad to current president Barack Hussein Obama, I just have a few questions.

1. Death of Osama Bin Laden

Fox right wing TV hosts like Hannity and Bill O’Reilly give credit for the death of Bin Laden to former president George Bush and his policy of torture. First off the fact that torture was used means any information is not only sketchy but the person or persons who authorized the techniques are war criminals in the eyes of many. The techniques like water boarding where used in 2002 so I have to ask

Question: If Torture worked and is responsible for the death of Bin Laden then why did it take 9 years?

The fact is president George Bush had a chance to capture or kill Bin Laden in in 2001 in Tora Bora but pulled American troops back and allowed the man alleged to be behind the 9/11 attacks to walk free across the Pakistan border where he would live and command Al Qaeda for almost 10 years until he was killed by the Navy Seals. Along with a shot to kill him and end his terror reign at that time there are many reports that the Taliban was willing to arrest him and turn him over to America in a neutral country but the Bush administration declined and chose war instead. The fact is the first time that president Obama was given a chance to take out the terror leader he authorized a risky mission and the Seal team carried it out ending 10 years of fear in America and helping some families who lost loved ones get closure. He didn’t hesitate and allow him to escape or ask permission to enter another country and many, many things could have went wrong and he would have taken all the blame, and even after an almost flawless mission he gets very little credit from the right wing and their propaganda network.

2. Iraq War

Again the right wing loves to give the former president all the credit for “victory” in Iraq and his courage to do the surge when everyone wanted the war to be over. So again I ask

Question Why where we in Iraq in the first place and why didn’t we send enough troops in to do the job right the first time?

Many generals recommended that the only way to win in Iraq is to send in a large enough force to keep and hold the peace but President Bush, VP Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld all of whom never had the nerve to fight for the country they where running decided they knew better then the military and went with a smaller force. They started the Iraq war with a small force and no exit strategy and thought it would be easy, remember the “Mission Accomplished” victory dance before thousands more Americans where killed or injured. I would go as far as to say that they never had any intention of ending the Iraq war for fear that we may be attacked in America again. In their eyes as long as we had Americans in their land for terrorists to kill then they wouldn’t want to come here and kill us. They even said many times we are fighting them over there so we don’t have to fight them over here which really means we are willing to sacrifice our soldiers to prevent another attack and make us look bad.

4. 9/11

I am not one of those people who thinks that it was an inside job, mainly because our government can not keep a secret and it would have gotten out but I do have to ask.

Question : Why wasn’t it prevented?

Lets just ignore the memo received before 9/11 that was titled Bin Laden set to attack inside America, that would be to obvious of a warning that was ignored. It has come to light that between January 2001 and September 2001 America was warned by foreign governments at least 10 times about an upcoming attack. Below is just a small example of the warning America was given in the months leading up to the Sept. 11th attack and one has to ask “why where none of them taken serious”., and as you can see the lies that the Bush white house told about “No one could have seen it coming esp. with airplanes” again was a total lie. It was the worst failure in American history and the response was worse by doubling the size of government creating Homeland Security and no one losing their jobs.


June 2001 British took 3 men into custody in the Cayman after they where overheard talking about a terrorist attack which would take place in NY city and in August 2001 they received information that attack would involve hijacked airplanes and was imminent.

In late July 2001, ”Afghanistan’s Foreign Minister Wakil Ahmed Muttawakil learned that Osama bin Laden was planning a “huge attack” on targets inside America. The attack was imminent, and would kill thousands

An undercover agent from ” Morocco successfully penetrated al-Qaeda. He learned that bin Laden was “very disappointed” that the 1993 bombing had not toppled the World Trade Center, and was planning “large scale operations in New York in the summer or fall of 2001.” He provided this information to the US in August 2001

In June 2001, German intelligence warned the US, Britain, and Israel that Middle Eastern terrorists were planning to hijack commercial aircraft and use them as weapons to attack “American and Israeli symbols which stand out.”

In late July 2001, Egyptian intelligence received a report from an undercover agent in Afghanistan that “20 al-Qaeda members had slipped into the US and four of them had received flight training on Cessnas.” To the Egyptians, pilots of small planes didn’t sound terribly alarming, but they passed on the message to the CIA anyway, fully expecting Washington to request information. “The request never came.”


Saturday, December 3, 2011

Occupy Thoughts

Watching the coverage and listening to the media mock and insult Occupy Wall Street movement and trying to discredit it a few things have hit me like a ton of bricks.

This is the easiest one to discredit, that is how things should be and how America was set up to be run. America is not supposed to have leaders, we are supposed to have representatives who speak for us. We don’t’ elect politicians to lead us we elect them as our voice, they work for us and their jobs used to be to vote how we wanted them to. Each Congressman is supposed to represent a district and vote on issues how the people in his district think he should, it shouldn’t be his decision and that’s part of the problem. Politicians who are elected to office think they get in to lead us and vote how they choose to vote, truth is they are elected to speak for the thousands of Americans who put them in office and to vote how we the people want. We need to get back to we the people having a voice in Washington D.C. not leaders who do what’s best for them and the rest of America be damned.

That’s because the movement has many messages, it is not a movement of one or two issues but is a movement where people can speak their minds and try and change things. The key message is equality, the average person just wants the same breaks that the rich and powerful receive. We don’t want a bailout or the government to hand us anything (except maybe healthcare) but they also shouldn’t be giving Exxon billions of dollars in tax credits or bailing out banks when they gamble all their money away. We are not socialists and the only socialism that I see in America is the one directed at the rich and powerful. This is a movement where anyone with any with any issues will be heard, whether it be Global Warming, Taxes, or the income gap. No voice is drowned out and everyone is given a fair chance to be heard.

The truth is that many in occupy movement have same issues as the tea party, unlike the tea party occupy wasn’t formed by a news channel and major financial backing from a right wing billionaire. If these two movements ignored all the negative media and just sit down and talked they would see that there is common ground and if the two movements ever joined politicians and news media all over the country would be scared to death.

I would like to thank people like Keith Olbermann, Rachel Maddow and others who have given the movement a fair shot. People like Bill O’reilly who tow the company line have attacked the movement and went as far as calling it dead while not even giving it a shot or speaking to anyone involved. They make wild claims with no real evidence and if they had any “victims” of the occupiers like they claim you can bet they would have been on the air already.

I think it has already changed the dialogue, thanks to the right wing of our government all we where talking about was cutting spending from middle class and poor people like Medicaid, Medicare, Social Security, college grants etc. but now we are talking about Jobs, cutting loopholes that rich people receive and even raising taxes for the rich while cutting taxes for the middle class. Yes there is negatives with the movement but lets not forget the original tea party was not peaceful and quiet, some times you have to break a few laws to change things for the better. BUT now I think it’s time for the movement to leave the streets and start working towards real change, start getting behind candidates, raising money to run TV commercials to get their points of view across and to become real players in Washington. Like it or not change will only come from Washington.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A Tea Party Christmas Carol

The Tea Party Republican Version

Jacob Marley is sitting at his desk in when Mr. Scrooge tells him he will have to work on Christmas day.

“Please Mr. Scrooge I want to visit my son in the hospital” said Jacob.

“I’m sorry, you are way behind on your work and need to get caught up so you will work” yelled Mr. Scrooge.

Later that night Ebenezer laid his head down and went to sleep in his nice silk sheets watching his gigantic big screen plasma television. He was awoken by the sounds of rattling chains, to his surprise there was a pale white ghost floating over his bed. After catching his breath the ghost pointed at him and said “you will be visited by three ghosts this night, the past, the present and the future”.

Ebenezer was rattled and could not get back to sleep so he called down to his kitchen and asked the maid if she would make him something to eat. While he sit waiting for his late night snack the window blew open and a young ghost appeared, he grabbed Mr. Scrooge and yanked him out the window. They stopped outside a small home with a beautiful family getting ready to go on a vacation.

“What is this?” asked a startled Ebenezer Scrooge

“I am the ghost of Capitalism past” replied the ghost, “This is what life was like before the great Sir Ronald Reagan rode into town on his horse and freed the rich and oppressed from their shackles”. He continued to explain to Ebenezer that before Reagan families lived a nice life and could afford homes, cars and even family vacations and all with one parent working. The ghost pointed out how simple life was then, how the rich still had a large share of money but the poor and working class where not hurting and could afford the things they needed to live a good life. He then returned Ebenezer to his bedroom just in time for the maid to bring him a late night sandwich.

Upon finishing up his sandwich the walls rattled and a second ghost appeared “I am the ghost of capitalism present” the ghost cried out. He took Ebenezer by the hand and whisked him away to what appeared to be the child ward of a hospital.

“What’s this that you are showing me?” Mr. Scrooge yelled with anger in his voice. “Just watch and see” the ghost of capitalism present snapped back.

As they watched Jacob Marley came in and hugged the feeble young women who was sitting over the hospital bed of what appeared to be a sick child. He explained to his wife and children that he will not be attending their Christmas dinner because his mean old boss has to make him work. Shortly after a beautiful busty nurse came in and explained to the family that the insurance company approved surgery and that their little boy would survive and live a full and healthy life but will have to spend the rest of his life on expensive medications. The nurse left the room and the family decided they could go without eating a few days a week if it meant their son would life, or if need be Jacob would get a 4th job to help pay the bills.

With that Mr. Scrooge found himself back in his bedroom and was feeling sad and depressed
 for what he had just seen, just then a third ghost appeared saying he was the ghost of capitalism future and reached for Ebenezer who pulled back and said “I don’t think that I can take any more of this”. The ghost grabbed him by the wrist and pulled him away. They ended up in a nice home with a car in the driveway.
“Whose house is this?” asked Mr. Scrooge as he looked on.

The ghost pointed to Mr. Marley getting out of his car as his children ran out and gave him a hug, Mr. Scrooge even noticed the small boy from the hospital who appeared to be on his death bed. Jacob reached in the back seat and pulled out presents for everyone and handed the gift to the once sick boy and said “Tim this one is for you”.

“How is this possible?” asked Ebenezer Scrooge as he looked on in amazement. The ghost pointed out that after winning re-election President Obama raised taxes on the richest Americans and helped bring down the income gap in America while providing health care to every American so that a father could care for his children and didn’t have to worry about losing everything if he or his wife got sick.

“That is amazing, so if I pay just a little more in taxes this country could be a beautiful place again and the American dream will thrive?” asked Ebenezer “But I though you where the ghost of capitalism and that seems like socialism.”

The ghost said this was only one choice, then he showed him the same family sitting around a grave crying. “What is this you are showing me now” asked Mr. Scrooge with a sad look on his face. The ghost explained this is the future if he chooses to move his company to China where he can find cheaper workers and expand his company. With him gone Jacob lost his insurance and could not find any that would help his son because they called his sickness a pre-existing condition and would not cover it. Jacob would lose his house and all his possessions while trying to find the money for his sons surgery and would ultimately be unable to save the life of Tiny Tim. His wife would leave him and he would have one son in the ground and never be able to see the other 2 until he drinks himself to death.

“That’s Horrible” exclaimed Mr. Scrooge “why would I put this poor family thought this”? The ghost handed him a bank slip showing him how much money he would have if he moved to China. Then told Ebenezer “remember that nubile young nurse who was taking care of Tim while in the hospital”?. Ebenezer nodded his head as the ghost said “That would be your new wife”.

Christmas morning came and Ebenezer Scrooge walked to the desk of Jacob Marley and informed him that today would be his last day as the company is moving overseas and he will greatly be missed.


Sunday, November 20, 2011

My Constitutional Amendment

They are trying to change the constitution to add a balanced budget amendment, while it’s a good idea it will do nothing to fix Washington and the real problem - CORRUPT POLITIANS. Instead of a balanced budget amendment how about one that reforms the real problem. If I was to change the constitution it would be to add the following.

Elections day every two years will be a national holiday so everyone has the chance to vote and no laws will be passed that will prevent even 1 person who is of legal age from voting. Presidential elections must have a standard ballot as it is for the highest office in the land and for a national office so standards and ballot should be same for everyone.

Elected officials will have term limits with Congress getting a maximum of 3 terms in office, senate and president getting 2 terms in office max.

Any new legislation must be posted at least 72 hours before a vote is taken and all politicians that have received money from any company or companies involved in legislation must make public within 24 hours of casting their vote the amount of money they have received as from said organizations including campaign donations, lobbying money or any money they have invested in the companies. The public needs to know if there is a reason said politicians are voting the way they are other then the “public” interest.
Supreme Court judges must make public any gifts of cash or property they have received from anyone who has or may have a case before the court. These judges will be held to the same legal standard as all other federal judges and can be removed from the bench if they break ethics or federal laws.

Any politician is not allowed to lobby the government for a period of 10 years after leaving office nor allowed to work for any company they regulate while in office for a period of 2 years. If a politician goes to work for any company they have regulated or supported legislation that may have benefited said company then a full review must be done by an independent council if any favors where exchanged.

Finally politicians shall only be paid the average median income of the American workers and any pay increases and benefit increases shall be put up for vote by We The People who are the true employers of said politicians. In time of war politicians shall not have a higher yearly salary then soldiers who they have voted to send to war and must either increase the soldiers pay to match theirs or take pay cut to match the soldiers. Each politicians will be given one paid intern except the three leaders in each party who may have up to 5 paid employees, any other interns or employees shall not be paid. Each politician will be allotted a certain amount of money to pay travel expenses or any other fees associated with their job and if they exceed that amount are responsible to compensate the American Tax Payer.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Class Wars

Since America ended the draft it has been mostly poor and middle class kids who have joined the military and fought the wars that have helped make many people rich. While companies like Halliburton and people like Dick Cheney have made record profits off of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan the men and women who volunteered to join the military are coming home to find they have no jobs or prospects for the future.

The brave men and women of the United States Armed Forces are used as pawns by the rich and powerful, not for the best interest of America but for the best interest of their wallets. After September 11th 2001 many young men and women joined the military to fight terrorists and the people who attacked us on that horrible day. These men and women where taken advantage of and their patriotism was used against them, they joined to fight the men who attacked us and instead where used to personal gains.

A young man by the name of Pat Tillman gave up millions of dollars to play in the NFL and jointed the military and was sadly killed in action. It was a tragedy that this young man lost his life but that was just the beginning, his death was exploited by the military to help get more patriotic people to join the army. To this day we still do not know what happened to Mr. Tillman and his poor family had to fight for the little information they did receive. We learned that he was not killed by terrorists but died by friendly fire, rather then release this information the military exploited his death for their own gains.

These brave soldiers risking their lives to keep America safe and free do so for little pay, they receive a lot less then contractors like Halliburton and KBR make. KBR is a company who gets paid billions of dollars to do jobs that our military should be doing, and in some cases they are responsible for the deaths of about a dozen American soldiers. Instead of paying these war profiteers billions of dollars to do the jobs of soldiers we should just pay the fighting men more while on active duty. The soldiers have to live by a code of conduct while the contractors can run rough shot over the country and not be held accountable. Then when the soldiers come home they are having a hard time finding jobs or are suffering mental illness and many end up homeless. We ask these people to lay down their lives for a country that turns their back on them as soon as they return home.

Why do I mention these things? The military is made up of brave men and women who do it for pride and their love of this country and not for the money. People sitting in comfy offices making five times what soldiers do are the ones who decide where and when they go and for what reasons they might lose their lives. Soldiers do their job, the don’t complain because what they are doing is what they believe is best for America. They are willing to give their lives for America but rich and powerful people are not willing to give up another 3% of their income to help keep America running. It’s ok for hard working people to lay down their lives just don’t ask the wealthy to pay a little more? Even worse to help keep the few extra dollars in the pockets of the few the republicans have decided they need to cut the benefits of the soldiers that they move around like chess pieces.

If the rich want to keep their 3% tax break then they should strap on a gun and go fight for it, stop attacking soldiers, teachers, police and firefighters and blaming them for everything that is wrong with this country. It is these hard working people who built this great nation, I never saw a rich person paving a road or putting on a police uniform. When we speak up about the people who have gotten rich off the backs of others it’s called “class warfare” but the truth is that for 30 years it’s been a genocide and the poor are finally standing up and fighting back.

The occupy movement is the people wanting their voices heard, we don’t have the money to buy a politician or judge. All we want is equality, time to take away all the breaks that rich people get and even the playing field. Exxon should be receiving billions of dollars in taxpayer money while paying little or no taxes themselves, stop bailing out the banks of America if you are going to let the middle class lose everything. We should reinstate Glass Steagall act, it kept America working for over 50 years after the great depression and only took 8 years after it was repealed to bring down the country again. Finally we need to get the money out of politics, when you have John Boehner handing out checks from tobacco companies on the floor of congress while they are voting on tobacco issues shows how corrupt politicians are. Until you separate money and politics you will have class warfare and the middle class will always come out the losers.

Friday, October 28, 2011

The uncovered Bush crimes

After spending the last couple months hearing the GOP cry that there needs to be investigations into many of the Obama administrations programs it makes me wonder where these same people where just a few years earlier. I believe that the Government needs to be held accountable, but is it to much to ask for fairness and integrity? Below is a long list of things that could have and should have been investigated under the last republican president, but because the oversight was also done by republicans not much was done in congress and of course it wasn’t covered by the right wing media propaganda networks.

The first thing that should have gotten a real investigation was Sept. 11th 2001, not if the government was behind it but just the true facts of what really happened. The worst attack on American soil and the two most powerful men in the country never had to explain what they knew, when they knew or if it should have been prevented. They did testify before for the 9/11 report but it was a total media blackout, they where not under oath, there where no notes and the investigators could not talk to the media. Since that horrible attack we have learned that there where over a dozen warning that it would happen, including one given directly to the president entitled “Bin Laden set to attack in United States” all of which where ignored. Less money was spent on this investigation then on the sex life of Bill Clinton, and at least Clinton had to testify on the record.
After 9/11 the media refused to cover any negative stories about George Bush, this media blackout made it so most Americans didn’t hear of Margie Schoedinger, a Texan who accused Mr. Bush of rape and other sexual crimes in 2002. This story go no coverage except for a small local newspaper, in September of 2003 the young women allegedly killed herself, putting a convenient end to the story. Did Bush commit this crime, we will never know now and like many things the media covered it all up.

Not one but two people arrested for funding terrorists and aiding Bin Laden where linked to Grover Norquist one of Karl Roves good friends. Yes that Grover, the never tax anyone pledge guy, he is linked to Alamoudi and Sami Al-Arian and some people believe that it’s because of their connections to Mr. Norquist and the white house that they didn’t get prosecuted right away. It wasn’t until John Loftus had made his attention clear to go after these to men for funding terrorists that the white house took action. Why was the action on these 2 men not taken earlier, was it because of their connections in Washington? We won’t know because again it wasn’t investigated.

Torture, you can argue on both sides if the Bush administration broke the law by their treatments of prisoners, what you can not defend is their breaking of the law by destroying the evidence. Even after being told not to destroy video tapes of the torture they went ahead and did it anyway, breaking an order by the court and destroying the evidence. This coming after the announcement that the administration destroyed emails that by law should be kept as a matter of record. We will never know because like the other laws that where broken, this also was never investigated by the congress, or any other government organization and not covered much on the news.

This just follows a large history of scandals and doesn’t even mention the illegal outing of a CIA agent, The invasion of Iraq, putting children in prison without a lawyer or family member because they where labeled terrorists, illegal phone hacking and many, many more. Why didn’t the media cover this? It wasn’t because of 9/11 since he had many scandals as Gov. of Texas that the media never covered including insider trading, he knowingly perjured himself in an investigation and when he was caught stopped the investigation and fired the investigator.

The media ignored all these stories, maybe if they did their job we would never have went into Iraq, and if the stories are true about President Bush being offered Bin Laden by Afghanistan after the Sept.11th attack we wouldn’t be in that war either. It appears the media only really puts time into covering democratic “scandals” like Bill Clinton or Anthony Weiner while ignoring republican scandals like all the Bush/Cheney or even David Vitter. If for some reason the media covers one of the republican scandals they are blown off as “liberal” media trying to destroy a republican. The liberal media lie that they have managed to make mainstream has helped them avoid any scrutiny and allowed them to do as they please with no worries about payback. Until politicians are held accountable by the people in their own party or the public, nothing will change and we will continue to be led by thieves, liars and outright criminals.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Over Regulated

There is one party in Washington DC whose regulations are helping to destroy this once great country, and of course I’m talking about the Republicans. This party who is calling for the repeal of regulations that stop the corporations from destroying our air and water, and allowing them to become so big that if they fail the whole country will collapse yet they love to regulate the lives of average Americans.

The GOP wants less taxes and less regulation so that companies can do what they choose with their money, even if it means risking the health of children. After all the more money the companies can keep the more money they can spend on the politicians that write their rules. While the party that wants most companies to spend their money as they choose they don’t think that the post office should be run that way. A law passed by the republicans and signed into law by President George Bush forces the post office to fund their retirement for the next 75 years. This costs the USPS at least 5 billion dollars a year and forces them to run a deficit instead of making a profit. The only good reason that they would do this is so they could say that the post office is losing money and then try to sell it off and have it run by private companies like Fed Ex and UPS. They believe that the Gov. shouldn’t be involved in any business and will do anything they can to prove that, even if it means costing millions of people jobs to prove it. If this regulation is needed then why didn’t they demand it for every company in the United States and not just the post office?

While they want to let the corporations and Wall Street run free they have no problem regulating the lives of people. Since winning big in 2010 they have passed many anti-abortion laws at both the state and federal level of government, laws that will make abortion almost illegal and in the latest law even put the health of the mother at risk to save the fetus. Abortion law was settled years ago but the religious right will not allow them to put the issue to bed. The irony is the pro life party is also in favor of the death penalty and against helping the poor and needy. They will fight tooth and nail to protect a fetus but after your born, your on your own.
A small provision that was tacked onto the defense spending bill in 2006, this was done so that online gambling would become impossible to do and was added to the defense bill so if the Democrats voted against it the GOP could cry “they don’t support our troops”. It’s our money but they have a problem of how we spend it, if I work 80 hours a week and wanted to sit down and spend 20.00 playing poker online that should be my choice.

The GOP even makes its way into our bedrooms, even though they could not stop the military and President Barack Obama from ending DADT they are still doing everything they can to prevent gay people from leading normal lives. From wanting a constitutional amendment making it illegal for gay people to get married to not wanting them to serve in the military the republican party thinks it’s fine to discriminate against gay and lesbian people. Coming from the group who fought to keep slaves and tried all they could to prevent civil rights it’s not a surprise the GOP has gotten a reputation of being the party of rich white men. All you need to know about their thoughts on these issues is listen to Jim DeMint who said “sexually active
single women and gays cannot teach because their morals don’t follow Old Testament regulations”

The GOP always cries that the government should not get between you and your doctor, anyone remember Terry Schiavo? When her husband wanted to pull the plug the republicans tried to use pass laws so he couldn’t, if that’s not the gov. between you and your doctor nothing is. They have no problem with a fat cat sitting in a million dollar office telling your doctor that you can not have the surgery you need because it will effect his ability to buy a new boat. More Americans die from the decisions of health care providers each year then killed by terrorists but it’s legal.

Politicians are corrupt, as long as oil, coal and health care companies give them billions of dollars they will continue to put the American people health, happiness and freedoms second. To the republican party it’s ok for Exxon to spill millions of barrels of oil, killing thousands of animals and putting thousands of peoples lives at risk, as long as Johnny can not marry Joe, or 12 year Jenny can not abort the fetus she got after being raped uncle or father. In America those who have the money make the rules and until the rest of us wake up and fight back we will have to live with them.

I for one don’t care if two girls get married and I don’t even care about the debt, I would rather leave my children a world where they could go outside and play or drink a glass of water without getting sick. Am I for deregulation? DAMN RIGHT I AM, but for the deregulation of people lives not of the companies who are raping the environment for profits or putting the nation at risk with their banking schemes.

Friday, October 21, 2011

GOP Greatest Lies

There are many lies that are told by the political parties, while many are exposed right away as lies there are a few that have caught on and keep getting repeated over and over. This is just my take on a few of the big lies the GOP keeps telling but never get called on them.

1. TAXES - Can not tax the “job creators” because a poor person never created any jobs. Poor people don’t create jobs? Tell that to Sam Walton, Bill Gates and Steve Jobs all of them started with very little and became some of the richest most influential men in America. In fact it can be argued they hired more people when they where poor then they have after they became rich, after their companies took off they did more outsourcing and laying off American workers. The small business creates jobs is another lie used to keep taxes from being raised, most small businesses only hire when they lose an employee, new businesses create jobs. The final tax lie is that we have the highest corporate tax in the world, on paper yes but most companies don’t pay close to that and some of the biggest companies like Exxon, Bank of America and GE not only pay no taxes but get money from the government.

2. Trickle Down Economics - Made famous in the 1980’s by Ronald Reagan, it is still the GOP main belief today. The theory is that if you allow rich people to keep more of their money they will use it to give raises, benefits to their employees and everyone will make profits. It is this theory which George Bush called “voodoo economics” that have created huge debts while allowing the rich to get richer and the rest of us to get poorer. Since the inception of this policy we have went from a nuclear family to one where both parents have to work and still have trouble surviving. The middle class has seen their wages drop while the costs of food, insurance and everything else has risen for the last 30 years and after the 30 year experiment I think it’s pretty well proven that trickle down doesn’t work and leads to greater wealth disparity then ever before.

3. Regulation esp. of Wall Street is costing jobs - The best example of this is the Glass Steagall act which was put in place after the great depression and worked to keep America from collapse for over 50 years. It was repealed in 1999 under president Bill Clinton and speaker of the house Newt Gingrich and it took less then 8 years after the removal for a great recession to hit and bring us the term “to big to fail” banks. It is because of lack of regulation we have giant oil spills, large outbreaks of food poisoning, and banking collapses that will destroy the world financial institutions. Yes regulations do cost money and do costs jobs but in the long run they save lives and money.

4. The Liberal Media - this is the same “liberal” media who didn’t ask any questions after 9/11, didn’t question why America was committing a trillion dollars and tens of thousands of lives to Iraq by allowing George Bush to link Saddam Hussein to 9/11 and WMD. They didn’t demand an investigation into the outing of a CIA agent, a major felony bordering on treason or any other scandals that could have been investigated. The news media is owned by large corporations and are in business to make money, they don’t cover any real stories that might offend anyone. The media is not liberal it’s capitalist, if it makes them money they would support anyone.

5. We have the greatest health care in the world - YES IF YOU ARE RICH, for the rest of us the health care system is not even close to being good let alone great. We spend more then any other country and have more sick people, lower life expectancy and horrible infant mortality rates. If you are lucky enough to have good health insurance then you might thing our system is great, if you get dumped by the insurance companies when you get sick or they just flat out refuse to cover you then the system is not so great. More Americans die each year from the decisions of health companies then die at the hands of terrorists, yet we spend trillions to fight the terrorists and give handouts to the health insurance companies. If I poison someone I got to jail or get the electric chair, if a health company CEO denies life saving surgery or treatment to help his bottom line he is a “capitalist” and good business man. The fact that in America we use people health to make money is sick and just wrong, countries like Canada may not have better doctors or hospitals then America but at least they don’t have 40K people a year die because they don’t have access to them.

I’m sure I missed more but those are the 5 off of the top of my head, I could have went with the Tea party being grass roots even though it was founded by the Koch brothers and Fox News but that is to obvious and doesn’t seem as important as the 5 above. Notice a pattern in the five I listed? They all benefit the rich at the expense of the hard working Americans who built this country.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Made In America?

Remember when things used to be Made in America? Today it is almost impossible to find anything that was truly made in the United States. Since the republicans under Ronald Reagan sold our government to the highest bidder we have been outsourcing out jobs and our souls. Whenever we hit a recession there was always something to pull us out, we built cars, computers or anything to put people back to work. Today even the great Ford Mustang is not made in America, in fact Honda is more made in America then Ford or General Motors.

Since 1981 the only thing America has produced is huge debt, and money. Thanks in large part to Al Gore, no he didn’t say he created the internet but he did have a huge role in making it what it is today. Without the internet we wouldn’t have had the great growth we had in the 1990’s, which made more people rich then ever before. The internet and the stock market are the only things making new millionaires besides the lottery, so when I hear right wingers say that hard work will make you rich it makes me laugh.

Steve Jobs was a great innovator when it came to electronics, to bad he didn’t produce them here in America, even when Halliburton got rich off the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan they packed up and left. The last 30 the income of the hard working Americans have dropped while the people who are rich keep getting richer and in a lot of cases they don’t really produce anything. In 2008 the CEOs of major banks helped crash the economy with their high stakes gambling, and when they lost the federal government bailed them out. Did anyone lose their jobs or go to prison for their actions? No and not only didn’t they suffer, but most of them walked away with over 10 million dollars in bonus money for their actions.

The recent CEO of HP was fired after less then one year running the company, and while he was a horrible CEO he walked away with over 10Million in bonus money. The system is set up so that people are not only rewarded when they succeed but are also rewarded when they fail, only problem is when they fail they walk away with millions while people living paycheck to paycheck lose their jobs, homes and sometimes lives.
A large part of the blame goes to the government, not because they caused the downfall of the American industries but because they allowed it to happen. The system now allows large amounts of money by people like the Koch family and now thanks to the supreme court even companies outside America can pump billions into our elections. Thanks to these bought politicians they made it cheaper for companies to send our jobs overseas then keep them here in this great country. Why would anyone spend 10 to 20 dollars an hour on an American worker when they can spend 1 or 2 dollars a day on Chinese workers and ship things back here with no fees.

If you take away the internet boom of the 1990’s we would really be in a 30 year recession with high unemployment. We may have become a third world country by now and we are slowly on our way to becoming one still. Right now 2 of the biggest money makers in this country either destroy the earth by drilling and spilling millions of gallons of or by letting people to die by denying much needed healthcare.
I dream of the day where Americans make things again, where people can go to a factory and make enough money to put food on the table for their family, or go to a hospital and not be afraid they will get bad news and have to decide between losing their home or staying alive. Until we stop allowing these big companies to buy off politicians to pass the laws they want I’m afraid we will continue to decline. The Occupy movement gives me hope but unless they can all come together with a clear message I fear they will fade away as fast as they started.

my demands should be simple

1. Term limits for ALL politicians so that they don’t have to spend every hour of every day trying to raise money and make promises to the rich and powerful

2. Make it cheaper for companies to make things in America, either by fair trade agreements or by charging higher taxes if most of their stuff in made outside our borders.

3. Get the money out of elections, either with public financing where every American pays 10.00 a month to pay for the elections or where the politicians can only accept 1,000.00 max from anyone with no outside money.

4. Fair tax system, one where there are no deductions that allow companies like GE, Exxon, Bank of America to not pay any taxes and in some cases get huge tax returns. One that makes sure that the millionaires pay higher percentage then their employees.

5. Single payer healthcare system, one that curbs costs on service and medicine and would keep 40K people a year from dying because of their lack of insurance. Our government pays more money for insurance and covers less people then any other country in the world.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Bill O'reilly and Fox News a dangerous combination

Watching the O’reilly factor of Fox News, he has finally crossed the line. He has told so many lies and made up so many facts that even he doesn’t know when he’s lying. On last nights show we saw a hint of racism, an outright lie and several right wing talking points.

It started with Mr. O’reilly claiming that the people on Wall Street are there to promote socialism and that the movement was started by George Soros and the many unions who are now supporting it. From the people I’ve seen and talked to who support the movement, they are there wanting equality and fairness and not socialism. They just want a fair playing field, one where rich people pay their fair share of taxes and are held accountable for their actions. The rich and powerful own the politicians in Washington DC and have used their money and influence to rewrite the tax codes and get billions of dollars in handouts. Fox seems to have a problem with socialism when it helps the poor but are all for it when it helps the big oil companies or Wall Street Bankers.

Then he talked about the crash of 2008 and the only person he blamed was an African American who was in charge of one of the Wall Street banks, he ignored Dick Fuld and others who did the same trading. Then he told his guests that no laws where broken on Wall Street leading up to the collapse, even though several things have come to light since then. The banks had many fraudulent loans, and several thousand robo signed loans. We don’t know how many laws where broken and by who since there really has never been a true investigation of the Wall Street CEOs. To pick out one of the few African American bankers and ambush him, blaming him for the crash is not only wrong but just another sign of Mr. O’reillys hatred towards minorities.

The final straw came when he got on the subject of poverty in America, he claimed it is not bad and that the majority of people who are living below the poverty level are only doing so because they have a drug problem and choose drugs over work. He said that 15% of people live in poverty but 9% of the population has a substance abuse problem, leading his viewers to believe that with his math only 6% of people are poor. Even if it was true 6% of the population living in poverty is both wrong and immoral for one of the richest nations in the world. I guess in his mind that only poor people do drugs, even though testing in Florida has proven that the drug abuse rate is lower among poor people then the general population. Only 2% of people who lived below the poverty level and needed assistance tested positive for drugs, far below the 9% average. Again, like with the racist comments, this is a pattern for Mr. O’reilly, he has always said that people choose to be homeless and that homeless vets don’t exist.

I would like to think that Mr. O’reilly is just spouting right wing talking points, like all the other shows on his network, but have a feeling he believes these things. This was just one half of one show on Oct. 11th 2011, this doesn’t even mention his previous statements. He claims to be a fighter against sexual predators but has said that sometimes young girls are asking for it and he himself has been sued for being a predator himself. The worst case against this hypocrite is when after years of calling an abortion doctor a baby killer and saying he needed to be stopped, someone took a gun and stopped the man.

Even with the death of Dr. Tiller “the baby killer” Fox News and this host never learned and still continue their hate filled dialogue. It would be funny if so many people didn’t take them serious and live off their every word. Bill O’reilly is a hypocrite at best and a dangerous person at worst, I think he is just someone who will say anything for money no matter who it hurts. I just hope no one else has to die before these “journalists” realize that their words matter.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Note to - Occupy Wall Street

#OccupyWallStreet has become a movement all over the country, the heart of which is in NYC. It is a grass roots movement made up of people fed up with the current system which allows America to be run by large corporations and Wall Street while nothing in done to help the rest of us. This is a great movement and can make a change, but as soon as it starts to catch on the rich and powerful will do everything they can to stop it.

First we will see massive arrests, done in the hopes of breaking up the crowd and frightening people to stop protesting, if this doesn’t work then they will move on to the next step. The corporate owned media will start to slander the protesters, calling them names and spreading lies about them. This will be done with the help of right wing media sites like Fox News who fear they may start to lose power on the country.

The stories will start out that it is a movement bought and paid for by left wing groups and unions, they will bring out the big guns and have Bill O’reilly, Sean Hannity and other talking heads do all they can to spread this lie. The GOP candidates will start to weigh in against the movement, calling these people jobless, hippies, socialists and saying they are trying to destroy capitalism.

The final step will be the “news” media and right wing politicians saying that these protests won’t stay peaceful and will break down into violence, and that’s what they want. After spreading the violence lies for a while, they will hire people to join the group and get active, ending in violence. They will cause trouble and do damage in hopes of getting the rest of the crowd to join in, if they do then the powerful will use this to squash the movement and discredit it. If you see someone trying to start violence or get the crowd into that mode PLEASE stop them or report them, don’t allow them to write your narrative.

The rich and powerful will use every tool they have to try and silence the people, they are a minority and this is the uprising they feared, DO NOT allow them to use you to discredit the protests. This is a grass roots movement that the unions support, not a union backed movement and don’t let the media portray it that way. Unlike the tea party who is backed by billionaires to help them keep their stranglehold on this country Occupy Wall Street is a movement of the people, by the people, for the people.

There are people all over the country who support you and while we can not be there in person maybe someone should open a post office box so the other 99% of us can send things you need like blankets, water, food or anything else you may need. There are millions who support you and would be glad to help out to keep things going. If the president can not bring change we the people will.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

My Occupy Wall Street

While I don’t have the means to get to New York city or any of the other cities holding and Occupy protest I am there in spirit and support the cause. I keep hearing the news point out there is no message or exact reason why people are protesting, and even one network mocks the event. I think one of the great things is that there is no leaders, no corporate backing like the Tea Party and no single message. While most people don’t get the fact that these protesters aren’t right winger or left winger but just people who have had enough and they don’t realize that is the majority of the country.

While I can not be there, just thought I would share what the protest would mean to me. What would I want to see come out of this?

1. EQUALITY - The rich who get that way by starting a business and hiring Americans are one of the things that make this country great, the ones who get rich by being born with the right last name or lucking into a job on wall street are a different story. These rich people used to pay over 70% of their income in taxes and still have a really good life, they did what was right for the country not what made them richer. In the 80’s they had their taxes cut in half and then begin to write their own tax codes, why should you get a tax break for buying a jet or 3rd home when the rest of us don’t get one for buying our kids cloths or putting food on the table? It’s time to do away with all tax breaks, you don’t have to raise the rates just make them pay what they are supposed to. If you are born into a poor family then it’s almost impossible to get ahead, you can go to college but when you graduate you’re already 50-100K in debt with no insurance or hopes for the future.

2. JUSTICE - When the great depression hit we saw bankers, wall street managers and others who helped cause it either go to jail or jump out of windows. When the great recession hit in 2008 no one went to prison for their crimes and the ones who jumped out the windows landed softly because of their golden parachutes. If I pull a scam and steal 20.00 from an elderly person it’s off to jail for me, if Goldman Sachs sells them a shady mortgage and steals their life savings and leaves them homeless it’s just business. Mitt Romney said corporations are people, then it’s about time that laws apply to them and heads start to roll.

3. ENVIROMENT - I keep hearing the political parties say that we can not leave crushing debt on our children and grand children, even though when each party is in charge “debts don’t matter” as both Reagan and Dick Cheney pointed out. These same people have no problem leaving air we can not breath or water we can not drink for their children and grand children. Crushing debt won’t rally matter much when we are fighting wars over clean water and spending all our time in the hospital from the dirty air we are breathing. Maybe debts do matter, but to me my kids health would always come first.

4. HEALTH CARE - We pay more then any other country in the world and have one of the worst health care systems, and the solution is to put more people into free market insurance. These companies number one job is to make money and they have testified before congress that they knowing let people die to help their bottom line. This is murder plain and simple, to allow someone to die so you get a better bonus and you should be in prison not in charge of making life or death decisions. Until we take the free market out of health care, like every other civilized society has done, then it will be about profits and not about you or me. I like the idea of a doctor making the decision on my health, not some fat cat whose next check depends on if he can do everything to prevent me from getting an expensive surgery to save my life. If you expand Medicare for all then costs will come down because we can move to a real health care system, not the for profit Sick Care we currently have.

5. MONEY IN POLITICS - Right now the candidates who raise the most money win 94% of their elections, this means they have to whore themselves out to big business and wealthy people, who they will owe favors to. Speaker of the House John Boehner once handed out checks from the tobacco company on the floor of congress the same time they where voting on tobacco legislation, so of course the people who received the checks voted with the tobacco companies over the health of their own people. As long as politicians are allowed to sell their souls and prostitute themselves out then there will always be corruption and no one will represent the American people. The solutions to this are simple GET THE MONEY OUT - If every American puts in 20.00 we can have a public financed campaign and by putting in term limits then politicians can worry more about America then keeping their own jobs.

Again those are just why I would be with the people on Wall Street, others have different reasons and that’s what’s great about the movement. It’s fluid and not just about one thing or another but it’s everyday people who want real change in the way things are done for this country and all the benefits that are received by the top 1% which are paid for in sweat, blood a

Monday, October 3, 2011

Health Care

For the last three years we have heard all kinds of debates about health care reform in the United States. It has been called Obamacare, Socialized medicine, death panels and the only other option is a free market solution. All these are just talking points and no one is getting to the real root of the problem, we have the most expensive health care system in the world with the worst results. That is only partially true, we do have the worst results, but that’s because we don’t have a health care system.

What we have in America is not a health care system, it’s a sick care system. We have some of the best doctors and medicines in the free world, yet we don’t live as long as they do in other countries and our infant mortality rate is 50% higher then other civilized countries. What are the other countries doing right that we are doing wrong? Our government spends more money on health care then countries like Canada, Japan, United Kingdom and most other countries. The difference is these countries have a universal health care system while our government only insures seniors and the poor.

Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain told the story about how he was diagnosed with cancer and treated, he said if we had universal health care he would be dead. That lie would be funny if it wasn’t sad that people have to make that choice every day in America. How many people ignore the symptoms because they lack insurance, wait till it’s to late and then go to the ER to find out they have cancer. After they find out that they have cancer, like Mr. Cain did, they will have to decide if they want to get treated. To someone like Mr. Cain who is rich and has great insurance that is an easy question to answer, to someone who lacks insurance they have to decide between getting treatment knowing that it will cost them their home and leave their family in debt. If this story happened in Canada or any other civilized country they could have seen a doctor when they first started feeling sick and been diagnosed early.

The big lies told by people who oppose universal health care is that it’s to expensive and lead to rationing. The rationing is the easiest to explain, right now you get right in to see a doctor because millions of Americans are not allowed in that line to see the same doctor. Is it really important that you get your care today and not have to wait one extra day if it means that 100’s of lives can be saved? The biggest lie about price is easy to prove wrong. Right now health care is almost 16% of all costs in America, it is much higher then any other country in the world and the US government already spends more money to cover a small percentage of the population then countries that cover every citizen.

When you cover every person with insurance it allows you to have a true health care system and do away with the sick care system. Diseases will be caught early and can be treated for a fraction of the price it will cost for end of life care. Right now the people who are lucky enough to have health insurance are paying for the millions who do not, if someone without insurance goes to the ER for treatment someone has to pay. If everyone is covered the costs of healthcare will immediately drop and the country can start moving toward preventive health.

What keeps us from moving in this direction? Money

Health care companies make record profits off the health of people, they can decide to let you die if it’s best for their bottom line. Former heads of insurance companies have even testified before congress that they deny coverage, knowing that the person will die, just to save some money and get a better bonus. Over 40K people die each year from health insurance decisions or lacking health insurance, that’s 10x more Americans then killed by terrorists each year. Why is it ok for an insurance company to kill someone to save money, but if a citizen kills someone it’s illegal? The answer is money, the health companies can spend millions of dollars to buy off politicians to allow them to keep their system in place. Politicians accept this blood money with open arms because they have the best health care in the free world and don’t have to ever worry about going millions in debt from getting sick.

Until we take money out of the equation things will never change, America is the only civilized country in the world that people have to choose between staying alive or the future of their family. We spend more and get worse results then countries with universal health care. I for one have no problem waiting an extra day or week to see a doctor if it means a mother will get to spend more time with her children, or a child will grow up and not have to worry about staying at a job they hate because it offers insurance. Our system makes us slaves to the big insurance companies and they get to decide who lives and who dies and not company should have that power. Making money off of the health of another human being is the lowest thing anyone can do and any insurance company that allowed a person to die to help their bottom line and increase their bonus. If corporations are people then they should be put in prison and given the death penalty, as should all the politicians who accepted their blood money to allow these terrorists to stay in business.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Why I became a Democrat 9/21/11

In my 16 years of being legally eligible to vote I have voted for both democrats and republicans, in 2000 I supported John McCain and voted for George Bush even after he spread the rumor that McCain fathered a black child out of marriage. He ran on a platform of uniting America and being a small government man who didn’t think we should be the world police. Then he started two wars, tortured people, spied on American citizens, and split the country in half while running up over 10 trillion in debt.

In 2004 and 2008 I voted for democrats for president but still voted for some republicans in state and local offices and helped send a tea party congressman to Washington DC with my vote , and after sitting down and talking one on one with him. I always voted the man not the party and fully intended to do so in the future, then I started to lose faith in my politicians when they decided to put the country at risk just to try and prove a point.

This year we have seen disaster after disaster and all have been handled will and with minimum loss of life, unlike hurricane Katrina. Now the republican party is playing politics with helping people who are in serious need, the same party that has spent over 1,000,000,000,000.00 helping people in Iraq and Afghanistan but will not spend 10% of that to help people in need in America unless we gut a government program to pay for it. The GOP now wants to gut social nets like medicare and social security, both of which are paid for, while at the same time refusing to tinker with their 7 trillion dollar handout to drug companies in Medicare part D which was never paid for and is running up debt.

The republican party had turned against science and trying to improve the earth, and it’s not hard to figure out why. While most Americans believe global warming is real they refuse to admit it and take every chance to try and kill green jobs, which will help the planet and get us off of fossil fuels. Why are they against this, that’s simple, their biggest backers in the Koch brothers are oil men and the network that sets their agenda (fox news) is 100% against global warming and trying to create a fake scandal involving the president and an energy company . If you dig it doesn’t take long to see that the parent company of fox has a Saudi Prince as one of it’s second biggest investor so truth be damned, the money for him is in fossil fuels.

I can deal with the hypocrisy and have come to accept that every politician is owned by special interests and doesn’t really care about real Americans so I refused to associate with one party or another. Then I was slapped in the face with reality on September 21st 2011 when the state of Georgia was set to execute Troy Davis.

Did the man kill a police officer, that I don’t know, but do know that 7 of the 8 people who testified against him said they where forced by police to testify and didn’t see him do it. The 8th was the other suspect in the murder so of course he would blame anyone else. There was no other evidence so they where going to execute a man on the statements of one witness, no other evidence just on the word of one man. I don’t know if he did it but with all the new evidence he at least deserved a new trial. The day of the execution I was on twitter and saw all the hateful things said about this man by Ann Coulter and other republican puppets who cheered this mans death and made jokes. The pro life party was cheering and egging on the death of another human being. At 11:08 he was pronounced dead and the GOP celebrated, with that act at 11:08 pm eastern time I officially became a Democrat and will never vote for another republican again.

I accepted the republicans hated poor people and wanted to cut all their safety nets, they wanted to do away with taxes on the rich and allow them to destroy this great planet to make money. But the fact that hold no regard for human life is enough to make me sick, they cheered when told Rick Perry has murdered 235 people in Texas, they said people should be allowed to die if they didn’t have health insurance and they cheered the death of a man who MAY have been innocent. I’m an atheist and if there is a hell I will save you people who cheer death a nice room when I get there, but I will NEVER vote for you or your candidate again.

Monday, September 19, 2011

My problem with the Tea Party

What’s my problem with the Tea Party? Where do I start, it’s not the misspelled signed, the lack of racial diversity or the lack of coherent thoughts but it is their stand on issues. I am for the most part a fiscal conservative but am more liberal on social issues like gay marriage which leaves me without a party and the tea party is no solution.

One of their big issues is what they call Obamacare, to them it’s a socialist takeover of healthcare when in reality it’s a giant handout to the private sector. While the mandate may be unconstitutional it not only was a republican idea but is the only way to control health care costs, right now people with insurance are paying the bills for people without and this would end if everyone had insurance. The program is far from socialism and the tea party should really learn the definition of that word, all insurance will still be run through private insurance companies and all decisions will be made by those companies not the government or your doctor. The companies that are responsible for more deaths each month then Bin Laden killed on 9/11 will now be in control of the health system. Medicare Part D was more of a socialist program then obamacare and costs over 10x the price an was unpaid for but there where no tea party protest then.

They are against government spending so they should be against the wars in Iraq and Afgan. Which where both unpaid for and added trillions to the debt but I don’t see many signs demanding that we bring our troops home and stop spending money on the wars. We give over three billion dollars to Israel and again I don’t hear them complaining about that even though it’s not in our best interest or to defend America and not in the constitutions. Invading Iraq had nothing to do with keeping America safe or national security so they should really be against this waste of spending and lives.

The Tea Party must be against Social Security and Medicare since neither is in the constitution but I don’t see signs telling the government to take away those programs from seniors who rely on them. I see signs at the tea party rallies that say “keep your government hand off my medicare” which to most Americans makes no sense. You can not be against gov. spending half hearted, either you are for the constitution and states rights or your not.

The biggest joke is that they think that TEA stands for taxed enough already, taxes are the lowest they have been in over fifty years and the richest companies not only pay no taxes but get massive refunds from the government. The biggest handouts by the federal government are to companies like Bank of America, Exxon, GE yet I don’t hear the tea party calling for those to stop. They scream about welfare and handouts to the poor but have no problem with billion dollar handouts to the rich and big business.

What it all boils down to is that the tea party is either uneducated or the biggest group of hypocrites on the planet. They support people like Rick Perry who accepted billions from President Barack Obama stimulus package and used the money to pay down states debt while creating more government jobs then any other state in the country. Michelle Bachmann is another favorite of the Tea Party and she has taken several hundred thousand dollars from the government in farm subsidies, medicare/Medicaid payments yet she speaks out against these things. The Tea Party wants personal responsibility yet they elect Joe Walsh who doesn’t even pay child support to help his wife raise his children, yet they expect him to bring fiscal responsibility to DC.

The tea party screams the are an grass roots movement but if you follow the money it was formed with the backing of large republican groups who used their money to rally the people angry with the Democrats in power. The greatest trick they played was getting these people to believe that it was grass roots and that they served no master but if you follow the money you will see who the real people behind the tea party are. The tea party are no better then 99% of the politicians in Washington D.C. who don’t represent the real hard working Americans but tow the line for the rich and powerful who give them money. A real grass roots movement doesn’t involve fancy busses, 100K speaking fees to media whore politicians like Sarah Palin or threats of violence if you don’t get your own way.

A true grassroots movement would be to form a legit 3rd party, not one who is the extreme of the republican party like the Tea Party, but one that is in the true center of American. One that believes that Gov. can help and should help, that America deserves to spend as much money rebuilding here as we do in other countries and one who believes that it’s not the moral thing to do but the right thing for people who can afford to pay more in taxes to do so. When someone who makes ten million dollars pays a lower tax rate then someone who makes fifty thousand there is something wrong. And most important a party that believes money needs to be taken out of politics and that there should be term limits on congress and the senate like there is the President. It won’t start with someone running for President buy will take time, first by winning local elections, then state and finally federal but will not be won by large rallies with signs that are racist or make no sense or by billions of corporate dollars.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Heroes and Cowards

Just a warning this opinion will probably upset just about everyone and cost me 100 followers on twitter but I can not hold back any longer. I’m not going to worry about spelling or grammar so if those things bother you sorry.

Yesterday was the anniversary of 9/11 and we saw all kinds of ceremonies and while originally I was annoyed with all the hoopla someone pointed out that it’s for the families and friends of people lost. After this was pointed out I looked at them in a different light and can respect most of the ceremony. It was a day to honor the true heroes of that horrific attack 10 years ago like the firemen, police, and the people in the building who helped others like Welles Crowther who lost his life while returning and helping others find their way out. He wasn’t a first responder or being paid to help others but did it because he believed it to be the right thing to do. Then you have the story of the people on flight 93 who gave their own lives to save what could have been thousands more, normal people willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for their fellow countrymen. These normal people, the first responders and the military are true heroes and should be celebrated every day of the year not just as an anniversary to a horrible event.

With a few exceptions politicians are not heroes, but there are a few like John McCain, John Kerry, Allen West to name a few. When called these men put their lives on the line for their country and while I may question your politics I will NEVER question your patriotism.

This brings me to my beef with the day, on this day to remember heroes 3 men are always mentioned. These 3 men are George Bush, Dick Cheney, and Rudy Guliani all men who where in power and all who are treated as “heroes”. This will upset a lot of people but I do not consider any of these men heroes, in fact when called to defend their country in Vietnam both Dick Cheney and George Bush passed at the chance. Dick Cheney has been quoted as saying he “had better things to do”. On September 11th 2001 President Bush was reading books to children and after being told we where under attack he sit there for several minutes not knowing what to do, Rudy G. was in New York but only came out to see the damage after the attacks where done and Dick Cheney was in hiding the whole time.

These three men did nothing on the day that could be considered heroic but took no time turning the tragic event into a political football they could punt around as they needed it. They started the rumor that Saddam Hussein was involved in the attacks on America and used the momentum that caused to invade the country under the guise of “looking for weapons of mass destruction”. In march 2004 after thousands of Americans had been killed President Bush went to a dinner and made jokes about the invasion, a true insult to the people who gave their lives in his war. As the election approached every time it looked like the Mr. bush was about to lose to a true war hero in John Kerry he would have the terror alert raised to remind people of the horrible attacks and help himself in the polls.

9/11 is all these men have, they have not accomplished anything since then and they used the event to push their political agenda and wars which have cost thousands of American lives and tens if not hundreds of thousands of innocent lives in Iraq and Afghanistan. You men did nothing to prevent this event even though we have found out since you where warned about a dozen times of a possible attack, you have used the attacks for your own political gains and finally when you had a chance to serve your country you refused. This does not make you a hero it makes you an opportunist.

I say this not knowing how I would react to the events or if I would join the military so I myself don’t know if I would be a hero or coward. But I will say you 3 have a small chance to redeem yourselves - you allowed the first responders to clean up the trade center before knowing what damage it would cause, for the first time in your life be on the right side of an issue and tell your party to support the first responders and give them the health care they so need.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

This is Me

People ask what I believe and where I stand so I created this to answer those questions and the best way to do it would be to say what I would do if for some ungodly reason I was President of the United States
Taxes are simple do away with all deduction and tax breaks and create 5 brackets first 20K tax free for everyone

20K - 50K 5%
50K-100K 8%
100K-500K 12%
500K-1M 15%
1M+ 20%

Corporate tax would be no deductions, no subsidies
10% if 75 percent of workforce is located inside the USA

War Tax 10% when you vote to send young men/women to die you also vote for a war tax to pay for the war that way every American has some skin in the game

SS - remove the cap of 100K on Fica taxes and make Rates 8% (½ paid you and ½ paid company)

Medicaid - do away with

Welfare - would like to do away with but would compromise and put a 2 year cap on it for every American

Medicare - Would cover children who where under Medicaid and allow anyone to buy in for 6% of their salary moving all the Medicaid people to this program and making them pay something. With this option for every American I would not have a health care mandate but would make it so hospitals do not have to treat people who can afford insurance but do not buy it.

Departments I would do away with

Homeland Security - this is a huge waste of money after doing away with it just put people in charge of the CIA/FBI/NSA etc who can work together and share info.

Dept. of Education - would do away with federal dept. and make it a states issues

Dept. of Transportation - again would make it a states issues getting money right to states to fix roads etc. eliminating favoritism

SEC - this is a joke and they are in bed with wall street, would let the FBI handle wall street and white collar crimes then if 08 happened again people would go to jail

Other issues I have

Gay Marriage - the Government wouldn’t recognize any marriage only unions and leave the definition to the church all unions between 1 human and another human would be treated same by government

Religion - what is non practicing atheist I get a LOT - I do not know if there is a god but don’t choose to live my life by rules set up thousands of years ago. I have no problem with religion and in some cases think it helps people. I have a problem with people who push their beliefs or non beliefs on others and atheists who sue to have religious symbols removed upset me more then it does religious people as it gives the rest of us a bad name.

I OFTEN joke about the intelligence of others and their beliefs but while it may seem mean that is not what I intended. I do usually mean what I say about Sarah Palin (because she quit on the people who put their trust in her), the Marcus Bachmann (for being a homophobe and bigot) and the Pittsburgh Pirates (come on after 19 years of losing I have a right).

While a lot of people view me as liberal because of my stance on Gay Marriage, SS and Medicare as you can see I am far from it and probably have as many conservative views as liberal. Hate me or love me but please respect this is what I believe and no amount of money or fame would change that.

You can own a tank for all I care - but when you buy it the gun becomes yours if your gun kills someone or commits a robbery it's on you.

About me - I graduated high school in 2004 with honors, attended Penn State university till a family emergency forced me to drop out. I quit my job and moved in with parents to take care of my disabled father and have been doing that for last 8 years and have never been happier, while I'm angry that a terrible doctor left him in a wheel chair and needing 24/7 care I can say that our family has never been closer and I have realized that family is more important then Money, Sex or anything else in life.

Monday, September 5, 2011

How the for profit media killed America

The invention of the 24/7 for profit media may have been the death nail in the coffin that is America. Before Fox “news” and MSNBC the politicians had to go on television and answer tough questions and where called out on their lies and misinformation. The half hour news shows where the only place for them to have their message heard so even if they where called out on their BS they had no choice but to come back on or risk losing. Somewhere along the line television networks realized there was profit to be made in the news business and the all news networks where born.

Fox “news” started in 1996 and rose to power with their coverage of the Clinton sex scandal and the 2000 election scandal. They spent all their time covering the scandals and ignoring real news like President Clinton warning about terrorists and Bin Laden, there was no money in that. After the Supreme Court made George W. Bush the president of the United States fox became the republican network of record which caused MSNBC to go even further left.

While the idea of all news networks sounded fine at first they quickly stopped being about the news and more about carrying the water for their favorite political party. Nothing showed this more then the Anthony Weiner “scandal” where Fox “news” covered it every hour of every day until he was forced to leave office it was mentioned on MSNBC but not nearly as often and with such hatred. While Mr. Weiner was attacked by fox news they barely covered the scandal that broke in July of 2007 when then congressman David Vitter admitted he used the D.C. madam and was involved with prostitutes (which is actually a crime) with the support of the GOP and the Fox News network he not only didn’t leave office but became a Senator making him one of the 100 most powerful people in the United States.

Fox “news” spent years attacking Speaker of the house Nancy Pelosi and questioned all her decisions but when the republicans took back the house they where more then happy to back John Boehner as speaker of the house. Not one time did they mention that in 1995 while the house was voting on anti tobacco legislation the very same Mr. Boehner was seen on the house floor handing out checks to bribe his fellow republicans to vote in favor of the tobacco companies. When the news broke in 2010 of rumors Speaker of the house John Boehner was having an affair with a lobbyist it didn’t even make the news while rumors of John Edwards where covered often by shows like the O’reilly factor and others.

The worst part of the twenty four hour news networks is what they have done to American people. If you are a republican/tea party person then you just have to turn on Fox and they will justify your hatred and fears instead of giving both sides or even the truth. If you are liberal you can turn on the MSNBC evening lineup and have your views thrown back at you, again not learning both sides or even the truth. The saddest fact is that news networks can no longer even challenge a politician on their lies because if they do then that person doesn’t ever have to appear on their network again and can go on a network that shares their own views only. You will never see ½ term governor Sarah Palin appear on CNN or MSNBC because she might be asked tough questions when she can just go on Fox and not be challenged.

The invention of the 24/7 for profit media was the death of real news and on of the biggest reasons America is so divided. People don’t have to be challenged on their views anymore they can just turn on the “news” networks that represent their views and live their lives happy and uniformed.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Is the Revolution over?

After watching Capitalism a love story by Michael Moore his final words haunted me and I could not figure out why. Mr. Moore wanted help in his revolution to bring back the working class of America and return the American dream to the millions who have lost it, but is it to late?

When the banks greed almost brought down America they went to Washington and got the hand out they needed, over 700 billion to be exact, with no strings attached. This was 2008 and it lead to a title wave in Washington DC and swept Barack Obama to the white house and democrats in control of the house and senate. Instead of following up and fighting back against the rich and powerful who run this country, we the people sat back down and expected our politicians to fight for us. This gave the rich the opening they needed, while we sat back and got angry with the major banks giving their bosses large bonuses and taking million dollar vacations with our tax money the rich formed a plant to fight back.

With funding from billionaire businessmen like the Koch brothers and with the full support of the Fox News network they took a small uprising and turned it into the Tea Party. Instead of being angry at the rich and powerful who brought down America in 2008 and have been getting richer off the back of the working class the tea party pointed it’s anger at Washington DC and the democratic party. With huge money behind them they rose to power in 2010 and with no real job growth they used the publics anger to send their candidates to Washington to replace the career politicians.

The revolution had been squashed and now the rich and powerful where back to running the country and turned the middle class against each other, the powerful elite watched and with the help of their corporate owned media made teachers and unions the enemy that was destroying this great country and with the help of a few bought politicians like Scott Walker divided the middle class. While the Tea Party was bragging about all the congressman they helped get elected those congressman where busy selling out to the highest bidder, what the tea party saw as non politicians the rich and powerful saw as clay they could mold to do their bidding.

Michael Moore said he was tired of fighting alone and it may be to late to help him, the rich and powerful where running scared and the top 2% where afraid of the other 98% of the population which was starting to unite against them and ready to rise up. It may be to late, that top 98% has been divided and with the help of Fox News and the republican party is now fighting against itself instead of the true people who are destroying this country. Sorry Mr. Moore the people did not rise up and I fear it may

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Palin V Bachmann

So we keep hearing that Michele Bachmann and Sarah Palin are the same, that if Palin entered the presidential race she would take away from Mr. Bachmann. As an independent here is my thoughts on the two women who would be president (all jokes about them aside), here is how I think they compare and why they are not even close to being the same.

Mrs. Bachmann has served the people who elected her into office while Mrs. Palin quit on the people of Alaska to jump on a bus and make millions of dollars. While I don’t agree with most of what Bachmann represents she stands by her beliefs and even when the world is against her she will not budge on those beliefs no matter how far out they are. Sarah Palin while she has her beliefs has no problems changing them to fit what she thinks the people want to hear or even worse just so she can say that she is against what the President believes. On this issue Mrs. Bachmann is hands down the winner.

I am not a religious person but having quit my job and giving up everything I own to take care of my disabled father the last 8 years there is nothing more important in my mind then family. While I can not judge these two women on what they believe and how Christ like they are I can look at how they treat their own family. Michele Bachmann has raised her own kids and has had several foster children, while she likes to point this out she does not parade them on stage or whore them out in hopes of getting votes. Half term Gov. Sarah Palin has no problem using her children as props and parading them out in front of the world, while I’m sure she loves her children it looks like they are more important to her as pawns in her game of politics. Michele Bachman is hands down the better person here again.

How do they stack up when it comes to being a team player? Michele Bachman announced she is running for president and has stood toe to toe with the likes of Mitt Romney, Rick Perry, Ron Paul etc. Mrs. Palin has danced around and instead of fighting for the republicans she has don her best to destroy them. When Mitt Romney announced he was running she made sure to be in the same state and steal all the news from him, again when Perry decided he was running she jumped back on the bus and tried stealing his headlines. This make her a media whore and not a team player by any ones definition.

I doubt Sarah Palin will run for president but she can not announce it yet while there is attention to be grabbed and money to be made. Mrs. Palin is all about Mrs. Palin and doesn’t care who she ruins or steals the spotlight from. She will run out the clock then hold the candidates hostage to get her support again making it all about me, me, me. Say what you want about Michele Bachmann policies or her obvious dislike for gay people and the poor but she is a team player and by far and away the better politician and better person then Sarah Palin.

Would she get my vote? Hell no but as a politician and someone who sticks to her guns I respect Mrs. Bachmann and respect is something Mrs. Palin will never have from me.

Sunday, August 21, 2011


After the September 11th attacks on America we where given the Bush Doctrine which we led us into decade long wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and cost tens of thousands of American lives and hundreds of thousands of innocent lives.

We invaded Afghanistan because that is where Osama Bin Laden was supposed to be, forgetting that most of the people who attacked us where from Saudi Arabia and that they actually planned the attacks in Germany and trained here in America. Then the decision was made to invade Iraq to overthrow Saddam Hussein who was seen as a threat to America and after all the reason for us to invade where proven false the Bush administration stood behind their invasion saying that Hussein was a bad man and had to go.
The two wars have cost America trillions of dollars, thousands of American deaths and over fifty thousand Americans who will be permanently injured from these two wars.

Enter 2009 and the rise of Barack Obama and his form of talking to the enemy and only use soldiers if it’s the last option. This idea got him called weak on foreign policy and a threat to the American way of life. Since President Obama has taken office we have seen one dictator overthrown and another about to be ousted and all without America putting any boots on the ground or soldiers in harms way.

The man who the right wing fox news calls weak on terror and a threat to America has also killed the most wanted man in the world, and he did it without invading another country. Upon learning that Bin Laden was in Pakistan President Obama decided to send in a small Navy Seals team to take him dead or alive, on May 2nd 2011 word broke that Osama Bin laden had been killed, that’s right the most wanted man was dead and it didn’t take a large military or trillions of dollars.

When the people of Egypt started to rise up against their leader instead of invading we gave them our support and called for Hosni Mubarak to step down. After a battle with his people President Mubarak was ousted from office and the Egyptian people rose up and took their country.

Enter Libya and it’s dictator Colonel Qaddafi, when the people started to rise up he used the military to push them back down. After it was obvious that Qaddafi had no compassion for human life the United States and rest of the world stepped in with military air support to aide the rebels and as of August 21st 2011 it looks like the people of Libya are about to take their country back and over throw the dictator that has kept them in fear all these years. That is a second country that has fought for their own freedom both without the cost of American lives.

So in 3 years in office we have seen the Obama Doctrine which is more about humanitarian military invasion then all out war. Support the people who rise up against dictators and assist them in any way possible instead of putting hundreds of thousands of troops in harms way. President Obama like many of us know you can not impose a democracy at the point of a gun like the Republicans tried to do in the early years of this decade. The proof is in the results after 8 years of using a strong military presence Iraq and Afghanistan are in no better shape today then they where before 2001 and could be in worse shape, while at the same time Egypt and Libya are becoming free nations.

So given the choice of all out invasion and spending trillions of dollars and thousands of American lives or aiding the people who are willing to fight for their own independence and freedom the answer is obvious and the results speak for themselves. In 3 years Bin Laden is dead, Egypt and Libya where countries taken back by their own people who where willing to die for freedom and all without the loss of one American life. Wish we could say the same for Iraq and Afghanistan who are both still not only in bad shape but appear to be ready for civil wars when we do bring out troops home.

I think the choice is obvious and only hope future leaders will see this as a time when America stood up and decided we are not the worlds police but if the people decide they have had enough America will always stand on the side of democracy and freedom, just not at the end of a gun.

Friday, August 19, 2011

A view from the bottom

I keep hearing about the rich and how they are job creators and have it rough, I can tell you the roughest job in the world is working retail. People behind the counter often get made fun of and treated like crap but I can tell you they are mostly saints and can guarantee that most of the people who look down on them could not do the job.

In my almost 10 years of working retail stores with two different companies I had to deal with a lot, the politics in a work place like that are worse then they are in Washington. You can work your ass off harder then anyone else but if you are not friends with the right people it doesn’t matter. Promotions in retail settings are not by how hard you work but by who the manager is friends with (or sleeping with). No matter how bad the customer is acting or treating you it doesn’t matter, you are just supposed to grin and take it because “the customer is always right”. I saw a lot in my time working with the public including fights, racism, ignorance etc. especially after 9/11/2001 when people thought it was ok to give Muslims a hard time.

I had been working in the store from 2pm till 9pm then taking care of my disabled father from 10p till noon so on a good day I would get an hour sleep, which isn’t good when you deal with the public. One day after not sleeping I decided not to work the register and work in the food area but after no one else would wait on customers I took it upon myself. After waiting on all the customers I went off and told the people I was working with what I really thought of them and they should be ashamed of themselves for ignoring the customers. When the story got retold to the manager it was all my fault and I was the only one who got in trouble, I gave my two weeks notice on the spot and went back to work.

With my notice in I decided there was no point in acting nice and that’s when I had the most fun at work and realized how freeing it was to not hide what you really think. One day a women came in and bought a pack of Cigs and some lottery tickets with her food stamp card (the cash advance side) then told her daughter she could not have a drink because they didn’t have the money. I went and got the kid a drink and paid for it, when the mother yelled at me I just told her “My tax dollars paid for your cigs and lottery so why can’t I pay for the kid a drink” she complained to the corporate boss and I got in trouble.

Next time you go into a restaurant, convenient store or any retail outlet please be nice to the person behind the counter, they have to deal with a lot of stuff during the day and don’t need any extra stress. Imagine if you had to deal with 1,000 people a day most of which thought you where beneath them and not worth the time of day. I can tell you from experience that this is a hard job and should be respected, it’s people like this, teachers, police, fireman who make this country great not the people of Wall Street or CEOs who are more concerned about money then humans.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


   "Fair and Balanced" is the tag line for one of the highest rated "news" networks in America, but is it true?

Since they where the first network to call the 2000 presidential election for George W. Bush after most Americans went to bed believing that Al Gore would be the president of the United States Fox News has seen their ratings grow as well as their critics. Those on the left believe Fox is owned by the republican party and will lie, cheat and steal to destroy democrats but is this true?

Can you call yourself a “news” network when you not only fire an employee for refusing to go along with a lie and made up story but then fighting in court for the right to make up the “news”. That’s what happened in Florida where a Fox affiliate went tp court against a whistleblower and argued they had the right to not tell the truth and make up news. In the end the whistleblower lost and the court ruled in favor of Fox saying the Federal Communications Commission position against news distortion is only a “policy,” not a promulgated law, rule, or regulation. So they had their day in court and claimed the first amendment gave them the right to lie on the news and the court agreed with them. There goes the honest “news” network.
 “Fair and Balanced” is their mantra but is it true? That is the easiest question to answer, just watch their network for a couple hours and unless you are watching Shepard Smith, it’s easy to see that the network is FAR from fair and even less balanced. Look at some of the lies that they keep telling over and over and allow their guests to say without ever correcting them, some of the worst ones are.

Obama is a Muslim - this has been repeated by many hosts/guests for years and who can forget the “terrorist fist bump”

Obama wasn’t born in America - this was covered for the first couple years and none of the people on Fox would ever challenge their guests on the facts.

Eric Bolling said that terrorists attacks didn’t happen before Obama and that “he doesn’t remember any terrorist attacks between 2000-2008” guess 9/11 didn’t happen

The network often points out that President Obama is Black including having Dana Perino say "This White House, of all White Houses should not be making fun of (John) Boehner's tan.” Meaning What?

I don’t remember them attacking Sarah Palin for quitting her job half way through or calling her out on any of the lies she told, no they give her a job and never challenge her on any of her lies. You never hear them calling out Rick Perry, Michelle Bachmann or anyone else but they spend all day spewing republican talking points and attacking President Obama on Race, Religion or anything he does.

The biggest lie they spread is that the media is liberal and they are the balance, all you have to do is turn on CNN or MSNBC and you will see both sides of the story, it is common for NBC anchors attacking the democrats if they do not agree with them which is something you will not see Fox News doing, they don’t attack republicans they give them jobs.

Bottom line is simple

IF you think Fox News is fair and the rest are liberal then it’s obvious you support the tea party and have never voted for anyone other then republicans. Maybe you should spend some time learning the real facts not the fox facts