Sunday, August 21, 2011


After the September 11th attacks on America we where given the Bush Doctrine which we led us into decade long wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and cost tens of thousands of American lives and hundreds of thousands of innocent lives.

We invaded Afghanistan because that is where Osama Bin Laden was supposed to be, forgetting that most of the people who attacked us where from Saudi Arabia and that they actually planned the attacks in Germany and trained here in America. Then the decision was made to invade Iraq to overthrow Saddam Hussein who was seen as a threat to America and after all the reason for us to invade where proven false the Bush administration stood behind their invasion saying that Hussein was a bad man and had to go.
The two wars have cost America trillions of dollars, thousands of American deaths and over fifty thousand Americans who will be permanently injured from these two wars.

Enter 2009 and the rise of Barack Obama and his form of talking to the enemy and only use soldiers if it’s the last option. This idea got him called weak on foreign policy and a threat to the American way of life. Since President Obama has taken office we have seen one dictator overthrown and another about to be ousted and all without America putting any boots on the ground or soldiers in harms way.

The man who the right wing fox news calls weak on terror and a threat to America has also killed the most wanted man in the world, and he did it without invading another country. Upon learning that Bin Laden was in Pakistan President Obama decided to send in a small Navy Seals team to take him dead or alive, on May 2nd 2011 word broke that Osama Bin laden had been killed, that’s right the most wanted man was dead and it didn’t take a large military or trillions of dollars.

When the people of Egypt started to rise up against their leader instead of invading we gave them our support and called for Hosni Mubarak to step down. After a battle with his people President Mubarak was ousted from office and the Egyptian people rose up and took their country.

Enter Libya and it’s dictator Colonel Qaddafi, when the people started to rise up he used the military to push them back down. After it was obvious that Qaddafi had no compassion for human life the United States and rest of the world stepped in with military air support to aide the rebels and as of August 21st 2011 it looks like the people of Libya are about to take their country back and over throw the dictator that has kept them in fear all these years. That is a second country that has fought for their own freedom both without the cost of American lives.

So in 3 years in office we have seen the Obama Doctrine which is more about humanitarian military invasion then all out war. Support the people who rise up against dictators and assist them in any way possible instead of putting hundreds of thousands of troops in harms way. President Obama like many of us know you can not impose a democracy at the point of a gun like the Republicans tried to do in the early years of this decade. The proof is in the results after 8 years of using a strong military presence Iraq and Afghanistan are in no better shape today then they where before 2001 and could be in worse shape, while at the same time Egypt and Libya are becoming free nations.

So given the choice of all out invasion and spending trillions of dollars and thousands of American lives or aiding the people who are willing to fight for their own independence and freedom the answer is obvious and the results speak for themselves. In 3 years Bin Laden is dead, Egypt and Libya where countries taken back by their own people who where willing to die for freedom and all without the loss of one American life. Wish we could say the same for Iraq and Afghanistan who are both still not only in bad shape but appear to be ready for civil wars when we do bring out troops home.

I think the choice is obvious and only hope future leaders will see this as a time when America stood up and decided we are not the worlds police but if the people decide they have had enough America will always stand on the side of democracy and freedom, just not at the end of a gun.

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