Sunday, August 14, 2011

Tea Party Response

     Yes I am the one who posted the joke "Breaking News S&P downgrades tea party to KK+", it has been repeated a few times even got a mention on Countdown with Keith Olberman. After the post I got a few DMs from some unhappy republicans/tea party members and rather then respond to them I will make one response.

   Do I think the Tea Party is racist? No, not very bright in a lot of cases but not racist. That being said it doesn't help when David Duke wants to run for president as a tea party member and you have the CofCC organize and attend Tea Party events and you have people like Russel Pearce a tea party leader and congressman standing arm in arm with a chairman of the Neo Nazi movement in Arizona. These are not proof that the Tea Party movement is the Klan but it doesn't help.

   Now my thoughts on the Tea Party itself, it's a disgrace that you would corrupt on of the most historical events in American history for your right wing political agenda. The tea part of the 1770's was not all about lower taxes and less government but then again hearing seniors of the Tea Party tell government to keep their hands off my medicare so I am not surprised. I've also seen a few tea party members say like the original tea party they just want us to follow the US constitution, that's news to me and I really don't know what to say. 

    The original tea party was all about what is good for America, they knew we needed taxes and that companies like the east india tea company having a monopoly where a bad thing, they wanted what was best for America and where willing to put their lives on the line to fight for those beliefs. The "tea party" of today wants no taxes and no government and believes that business should be free to do as they please even if it means buying politicians. Todays tea party doesn't care about America all they care about is themselves and aren't willing to give up even 3% of their income to rebuild failing roads and bridges or putting their neighbor back to work let alone help the sick.    I doubt there is any member of the tea party willing to put their lives on the line for this great country and if they "say" they are then ask them why they would die for America but refuse to even give one cent more to help America?

      When a bridge falls and people die or when someone who can be cured of their disease is forced to lay down and die so their family doesn't lose everything I blame you, when the country almost goes under because you do not know that a debt ceiling is to pay bills we owe and tell lies that it's for Obama to spend more I blame you. You can only preach so much hate before it will blow up in your face, you are doing your best to help make sure that Osama Bin Ladens dream of America crashing and burning will come true.

   So do I believe you are racist, probably not, uneducated? probably, Terrorists no better then Bin Laden? HELL YES

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  1. Fabulous piece Jimmy, a lot of thoughtful opinions shared. However, proofreading and correcting your spelling and punctuation would really help your point regarding how uneducated the tea party appears. Perhaps the point is that the tea party is not merely uneducated, but just plain stupid.