Thursday, September 22, 2011

Why I became a Democrat 9/21/11

In my 16 years of being legally eligible to vote I have voted for both democrats and republicans, in 2000 I supported John McCain and voted for George Bush even after he spread the rumor that McCain fathered a black child out of marriage. He ran on a platform of uniting America and being a small government man who didn’t think we should be the world police. Then he started two wars, tortured people, spied on American citizens, and split the country in half while running up over 10 trillion in debt.

In 2004 and 2008 I voted for democrats for president but still voted for some republicans in state and local offices and helped send a tea party congressman to Washington DC with my vote , and after sitting down and talking one on one with him. I always voted the man not the party and fully intended to do so in the future, then I started to lose faith in my politicians when they decided to put the country at risk just to try and prove a point.

This year we have seen disaster after disaster and all have been handled will and with minimum loss of life, unlike hurricane Katrina. Now the republican party is playing politics with helping people who are in serious need, the same party that has spent over 1,000,000,000,000.00 helping people in Iraq and Afghanistan but will not spend 10% of that to help people in need in America unless we gut a government program to pay for it. The GOP now wants to gut social nets like medicare and social security, both of which are paid for, while at the same time refusing to tinker with their 7 trillion dollar handout to drug companies in Medicare part D which was never paid for and is running up debt.

The republican party had turned against science and trying to improve the earth, and it’s not hard to figure out why. While most Americans believe global warming is real they refuse to admit it and take every chance to try and kill green jobs, which will help the planet and get us off of fossil fuels. Why are they against this, that’s simple, their biggest backers in the Koch brothers are oil men and the network that sets their agenda (fox news) is 100% against global warming and trying to create a fake scandal involving the president and an energy company . If you dig it doesn’t take long to see that the parent company of fox has a Saudi Prince as one of it’s second biggest investor so truth be damned, the money for him is in fossil fuels.

I can deal with the hypocrisy and have come to accept that every politician is owned by special interests and doesn’t really care about real Americans so I refused to associate with one party or another. Then I was slapped in the face with reality on September 21st 2011 when the state of Georgia was set to execute Troy Davis.

Did the man kill a police officer, that I don’t know, but do know that 7 of the 8 people who testified against him said they where forced by police to testify and didn’t see him do it. The 8th was the other suspect in the murder so of course he would blame anyone else. There was no other evidence so they where going to execute a man on the statements of one witness, no other evidence just on the word of one man. I don’t know if he did it but with all the new evidence he at least deserved a new trial. The day of the execution I was on twitter and saw all the hateful things said about this man by Ann Coulter and other republican puppets who cheered this mans death and made jokes. The pro life party was cheering and egging on the death of another human being. At 11:08 he was pronounced dead and the GOP celebrated, with that act at 11:08 pm eastern time I officially became a Democrat and will never vote for another republican again.

I accepted the republicans hated poor people and wanted to cut all their safety nets, they wanted to do away with taxes on the rich and allow them to destroy this great planet to make money. But the fact that hold no regard for human life is enough to make me sick, they cheered when told Rick Perry has murdered 235 people in Texas, they said people should be allowed to die if they didn’t have health insurance and they cheered the death of a man who MAY have been innocent. I’m an atheist and if there is a hell I will save you people who cheer death a nice room when I get there, but I will NEVER vote for you or your candidate again.

Monday, September 19, 2011

My problem with the Tea Party

What’s my problem with the Tea Party? Where do I start, it’s not the misspelled signed, the lack of racial diversity or the lack of coherent thoughts but it is their stand on issues. I am for the most part a fiscal conservative but am more liberal on social issues like gay marriage which leaves me without a party and the tea party is no solution.

One of their big issues is what they call Obamacare, to them it’s a socialist takeover of healthcare when in reality it’s a giant handout to the private sector. While the mandate may be unconstitutional it not only was a republican idea but is the only way to control health care costs, right now people with insurance are paying the bills for people without and this would end if everyone had insurance. The program is far from socialism and the tea party should really learn the definition of that word, all insurance will still be run through private insurance companies and all decisions will be made by those companies not the government or your doctor. The companies that are responsible for more deaths each month then Bin Laden killed on 9/11 will now be in control of the health system. Medicare Part D was more of a socialist program then obamacare and costs over 10x the price an was unpaid for but there where no tea party protest then.

They are against government spending so they should be against the wars in Iraq and Afgan. Which where both unpaid for and added trillions to the debt but I don’t see many signs demanding that we bring our troops home and stop spending money on the wars. We give over three billion dollars to Israel and again I don’t hear them complaining about that even though it’s not in our best interest or to defend America and not in the constitutions. Invading Iraq had nothing to do with keeping America safe or national security so they should really be against this waste of spending and lives.

The Tea Party must be against Social Security and Medicare since neither is in the constitution but I don’t see signs telling the government to take away those programs from seniors who rely on them. I see signs at the tea party rallies that say “keep your government hand off my medicare” which to most Americans makes no sense. You can not be against gov. spending half hearted, either you are for the constitution and states rights or your not.

The biggest joke is that they think that TEA stands for taxed enough already, taxes are the lowest they have been in over fifty years and the richest companies not only pay no taxes but get massive refunds from the government. The biggest handouts by the federal government are to companies like Bank of America, Exxon, GE yet I don’t hear the tea party calling for those to stop. They scream about welfare and handouts to the poor but have no problem with billion dollar handouts to the rich and big business.

What it all boils down to is that the tea party is either uneducated or the biggest group of hypocrites on the planet. They support people like Rick Perry who accepted billions from President Barack Obama stimulus package and used the money to pay down states debt while creating more government jobs then any other state in the country. Michelle Bachmann is another favorite of the Tea Party and she has taken several hundred thousand dollars from the government in farm subsidies, medicare/Medicaid payments yet she speaks out against these things. The Tea Party wants personal responsibility yet they elect Joe Walsh who doesn’t even pay child support to help his wife raise his children, yet they expect him to bring fiscal responsibility to DC.

The tea party screams the are an grass roots movement but if you follow the money it was formed with the backing of large republican groups who used their money to rally the people angry with the Democrats in power. The greatest trick they played was getting these people to believe that it was grass roots and that they served no master but if you follow the money you will see who the real people behind the tea party are. The tea party are no better then 99% of the politicians in Washington D.C. who don’t represent the real hard working Americans but tow the line for the rich and powerful who give them money. A real grass roots movement doesn’t involve fancy busses, 100K speaking fees to media whore politicians like Sarah Palin or threats of violence if you don’t get your own way.

A true grassroots movement would be to form a legit 3rd party, not one who is the extreme of the republican party like the Tea Party, but one that is in the true center of American. One that believes that Gov. can help and should help, that America deserves to spend as much money rebuilding here as we do in other countries and one who believes that it’s not the moral thing to do but the right thing for people who can afford to pay more in taxes to do so. When someone who makes ten million dollars pays a lower tax rate then someone who makes fifty thousand there is something wrong. And most important a party that believes money needs to be taken out of politics and that there should be term limits on congress and the senate like there is the President. It won’t start with someone running for President buy will take time, first by winning local elections, then state and finally federal but will not be won by large rallies with signs that are racist or make no sense or by billions of corporate dollars.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Heroes and Cowards

Just a warning this opinion will probably upset just about everyone and cost me 100 followers on twitter but I can not hold back any longer. I’m not going to worry about spelling or grammar so if those things bother you sorry.

Yesterday was the anniversary of 9/11 and we saw all kinds of ceremonies and while originally I was annoyed with all the hoopla someone pointed out that it’s for the families and friends of people lost. After this was pointed out I looked at them in a different light and can respect most of the ceremony. It was a day to honor the true heroes of that horrific attack 10 years ago like the firemen, police, and the people in the building who helped others like Welles Crowther who lost his life while returning and helping others find their way out. He wasn’t a first responder or being paid to help others but did it because he believed it to be the right thing to do. Then you have the story of the people on flight 93 who gave their own lives to save what could have been thousands more, normal people willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for their fellow countrymen. These normal people, the first responders and the military are true heroes and should be celebrated every day of the year not just as an anniversary to a horrible event.

With a few exceptions politicians are not heroes, but there are a few like John McCain, John Kerry, Allen West to name a few. When called these men put their lives on the line for their country and while I may question your politics I will NEVER question your patriotism.

This brings me to my beef with the day, on this day to remember heroes 3 men are always mentioned. These 3 men are George Bush, Dick Cheney, and Rudy Guliani all men who where in power and all who are treated as “heroes”. This will upset a lot of people but I do not consider any of these men heroes, in fact when called to defend their country in Vietnam both Dick Cheney and George Bush passed at the chance. Dick Cheney has been quoted as saying he “had better things to do”. On September 11th 2001 President Bush was reading books to children and after being told we where under attack he sit there for several minutes not knowing what to do, Rudy G. was in New York but only came out to see the damage after the attacks where done and Dick Cheney was in hiding the whole time.

These three men did nothing on the day that could be considered heroic but took no time turning the tragic event into a political football they could punt around as they needed it. They started the rumor that Saddam Hussein was involved in the attacks on America and used the momentum that caused to invade the country under the guise of “looking for weapons of mass destruction”. In march 2004 after thousands of Americans had been killed President Bush went to a dinner and made jokes about the invasion, a true insult to the people who gave their lives in his war. As the election approached every time it looked like the Mr. bush was about to lose to a true war hero in John Kerry he would have the terror alert raised to remind people of the horrible attacks and help himself in the polls.

9/11 is all these men have, they have not accomplished anything since then and they used the event to push their political agenda and wars which have cost thousands of American lives and tens if not hundreds of thousands of innocent lives in Iraq and Afghanistan. You men did nothing to prevent this event even though we have found out since you where warned about a dozen times of a possible attack, you have used the attacks for your own political gains and finally when you had a chance to serve your country you refused. This does not make you a hero it makes you an opportunist.

I say this not knowing how I would react to the events or if I would join the military so I myself don’t know if I would be a hero or coward. But I will say you 3 have a small chance to redeem yourselves - you allowed the first responders to clean up the trade center before knowing what damage it would cause, for the first time in your life be on the right side of an issue and tell your party to support the first responders and give them the health care they so need.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

This is Me

People ask what I believe and where I stand so I created this to answer those questions and the best way to do it would be to say what I would do if for some ungodly reason I was President of the United States
Taxes are simple do away with all deduction and tax breaks and create 5 brackets first 20K tax free for everyone

20K - 50K 5%
50K-100K 8%
100K-500K 12%
500K-1M 15%
1M+ 20%

Corporate tax would be no deductions, no subsidies
10% if 75 percent of workforce is located inside the USA

War Tax 10% when you vote to send young men/women to die you also vote for a war tax to pay for the war that way every American has some skin in the game

SS - remove the cap of 100K on Fica taxes and make Rates 8% (½ paid you and ½ paid company)

Medicaid - do away with

Welfare - would like to do away with but would compromise and put a 2 year cap on it for every American

Medicare - Would cover children who where under Medicaid and allow anyone to buy in for 6% of their salary moving all the Medicaid people to this program and making them pay something. With this option for every American I would not have a health care mandate but would make it so hospitals do not have to treat people who can afford insurance but do not buy it.

Departments I would do away with

Homeland Security - this is a huge waste of money after doing away with it just put people in charge of the CIA/FBI/NSA etc who can work together and share info.

Dept. of Education - would do away with federal dept. and make it a states issues

Dept. of Transportation - again would make it a states issues getting money right to states to fix roads etc. eliminating favoritism

SEC - this is a joke and they are in bed with wall street, would let the FBI handle wall street and white collar crimes then if 08 happened again people would go to jail

Other issues I have

Gay Marriage - the Government wouldn’t recognize any marriage only unions and leave the definition to the church all unions between 1 human and another human would be treated same by government

Religion - what is non practicing atheist I get a LOT - I do not know if there is a god but don’t choose to live my life by rules set up thousands of years ago. I have no problem with religion and in some cases think it helps people. I have a problem with people who push their beliefs or non beliefs on others and atheists who sue to have religious symbols removed upset me more then it does religious people as it gives the rest of us a bad name.

I OFTEN joke about the intelligence of others and their beliefs but while it may seem mean that is not what I intended. I do usually mean what I say about Sarah Palin (because she quit on the people who put their trust in her), the Marcus Bachmann (for being a homophobe and bigot) and the Pittsburgh Pirates (come on after 19 years of losing I have a right).

While a lot of people view me as liberal because of my stance on Gay Marriage, SS and Medicare as you can see I am far from it and probably have as many conservative views as liberal. Hate me or love me but please respect this is what I believe and no amount of money or fame would change that.

You can own a tank for all I care - but when you buy it the gun becomes yours if your gun kills someone or commits a robbery it's on you.

About me - I graduated high school in 2004 with honors, attended Penn State university till a family emergency forced me to drop out. I quit my job and moved in with parents to take care of my disabled father and have been doing that for last 8 years and have never been happier, while I'm angry that a terrible doctor left him in a wheel chair and needing 24/7 care I can say that our family has never been closer and I have realized that family is more important then Money, Sex or anything else in life.

Monday, September 5, 2011

How the for profit media killed America

The invention of the 24/7 for profit media may have been the death nail in the coffin that is America. Before Fox “news” and MSNBC the politicians had to go on television and answer tough questions and where called out on their lies and misinformation. The half hour news shows where the only place for them to have their message heard so even if they where called out on their BS they had no choice but to come back on or risk losing. Somewhere along the line television networks realized there was profit to be made in the news business and the all news networks where born.

Fox “news” started in 1996 and rose to power with their coverage of the Clinton sex scandal and the 2000 election scandal. They spent all their time covering the scandals and ignoring real news like President Clinton warning about terrorists and Bin Laden, there was no money in that. After the Supreme Court made George W. Bush the president of the United States fox became the republican network of record which caused MSNBC to go even further left.

While the idea of all news networks sounded fine at first they quickly stopped being about the news and more about carrying the water for their favorite political party. Nothing showed this more then the Anthony Weiner “scandal” where Fox “news” covered it every hour of every day until he was forced to leave office it was mentioned on MSNBC but not nearly as often and with such hatred. While Mr. Weiner was attacked by fox news they barely covered the scandal that broke in July of 2007 when then congressman David Vitter admitted he used the D.C. madam and was involved with prostitutes (which is actually a crime) with the support of the GOP and the Fox News network he not only didn’t leave office but became a Senator making him one of the 100 most powerful people in the United States.

Fox “news” spent years attacking Speaker of the house Nancy Pelosi and questioned all her decisions but when the republicans took back the house they where more then happy to back John Boehner as speaker of the house. Not one time did they mention that in 1995 while the house was voting on anti tobacco legislation the very same Mr. Boehner was seen on the house floor handing out checks to bribe his fellow republicans to vote in favor of the tobacco companies. When the news broke in 2010 of rumors Speaker of the house John Boehner was having an affair with a lobbyist it didn’t even make the news while rumors of John Edwards where covered often by shows like the O’reilly factor and others.

The worst part of the twenty four hour news networks is what they have done to American people. If you are a republican/tea party person then you just have to turn on Fox and they will justify your hatred and fears instead of giving both sides or even the truth. If you are liberal you can turn on the MSNBC evening lineup and have your views thrown back at you, again not learning both sides or even the truth. The saddest fact is that news networks can no longer even challenge a politician on their lies because if they do then that person doesn’t ever have to appear on their network again and can go on a network that shares their own views only. You will never see ½ term governor Sarah Palin appear on CNN or MSNBC because she might be asked tough questions when she can just go on Fox and not be challenged.

The invention of the 24/7 for profit media was the death of real news and on of the biggest reasons America is so divided. People don’t have to be challenged on their views anymore they can just turn on the “news” networks that represent their views and live their lives happy and uniformed.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Is the Revolution over?

After watching Capitalism a love story by Michael Moore his final words haunted me and I could not figure out why. Mr. Moore wanted help in his revolution to bring back the working class of America and return the American dream to the millions who have lost it, but is it to late?

When the banks greed almost brought down America they went to Washington and got the hand out they needed, over 700 billion to be exact, with no strings attached. This was 2008 and it lead to a title wave in Washington DC and swept Barack Obama to the white house and democrats in control of the house and senate. Instead of following up and fighting back against the rich and powerful who run this country, we the people sat back down and expected our politicians to fight for us. This gave the rich the opening they needed, while we sat back and got angry with the major banks giving their bosses large bonuses and taking million dollar vacations with our tax money the rich formed a plant to fight back.

With funding from billionaire businessmen like the Koch brothers and with the full support of the Fox News network they took a small uprising and turned it into the Tea Party. Instead of being angry at the rich and powerful who brought down America in 2008 and have been getting richer off the back of the working class the tea party pointed it’s anger at Washington DC and the democratic party. With huge money behind them they rose to power in 2010 and with no real job growth they used the publics anger to send their candidates to Washington to replace the career politicians.

The revolution had been squashed and now the rich and powerful where back to running the country and turned the middle class against each other, the powerful elite watched and with the help of their corporate owned media made teachers and unions the enemy that was destroying this great country and with the help of a few bought politicians like Scott Walker divided the middle class. While the Tea Party was bragging about all the congressman they helped get elected those congressman where busy selling out to the highest bidder, what the tea party saw as non politicians the rich and powerful saw as clay they could mold to do their bidding.

Michael Moore said he was tired of fighting alone and it may be to late to help him, the rich and powerful where running scared and the top 2% where afraid of the other 98% of the population which was starting to unite against them and ready to rise up. It may be to late, that top 98% has been divided and with the help of Fox News and the republican party is now fighting against itself instead of the true people who are destroying this country. Sorry Mr. Moore the people did not rise up and I fear it may