Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Americans for True Fair Tax Reform

This is a counter to the pledge that many republicans have signed to never raise taxes and, it is a fair way to help solve the problem in Washington.

Tax Code

1. All money made will be taxed at a given rate - Capital Gains, income, interest, stock dividends, Stock options are all income and should be treated as such, there will be no special rate on this kind of money made.

2. No company/corporation making more then 110,000.00 a year in profit shall be allowed to file as personal income tax. By filing as personal income they only have to pay the Social Security and Medicare on the first 106,000.00 which allows them to avoid paying their fair share of these taxes.

3. Corporate taxes should be cut to 20% flat tax, no deductions no subsidies the only tax break they shall receive is if at least 90% of their workforce is located in America at which time they pay a 10% tax rate.

4. Personal taxes should be set at a certain amount, no deductions no special treatment. The first 20K for a single person and first 40K for a couple should be tax free along with all income made over the age of 65 including social security. Tax rates should be set at a fair amount for each group (just an example)

After the 20K or 40K deduction

Single under 50K couple under 75K 5%

Single 50K-100K couple 75K-150K 10%

Single 100K-250K Couple 150K-250K 15%

Single 250K-1 million couple 250K -1 million 20%

Over 1 Million 25%

5. The cap should be lifted on Social Security and Medicare and will immediately make each program solvent

6. Any person or company caught sheltering money over seas to avoid paying taxes shall have 100% of that money seized and used toward our national debt.


1. For every austerity cut that effects the poor , children or seniors like Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security or Food Stamps must be met with a ONE for ONE match of tax revenue. If you are going to ask the poorest and most vulnerable among us to sacrifice we’re just asking the same from the people who are well off.

2. Medicare and Social security should be means tested, someone worth over 10 million dollars should be receiving Social Security but should be allowed to buy into Medicare.

Spending Tax Dollars

1. No subsidies or loans to companies headquartered outside America or companies who already make large profits. If loans are given and a company fails the Tax payer must be the first in line to receive their money back.

2. No Government contracts to companies located outside the United States of America if the same work can be done in America. If after receiving a government contract the company moves to another country their contract will be null and void.

3. Companies who receive government contracts must open their books to the American people and list EXACTLY what our money is spent on, any company who tries to defraud the government or gets charged with any felonies while receiving government money will automatically have their contract become null and void and will be banned from future government contracts for a period no less then 10 years.

4. The government will not issue no bid contracts, all contracts will be put up for bid and awarded to the lowest bidder.

5. No company who employed a congressman, senator, or white house staff member shall be awarded any government contracts while said employee is in office or for a period of 5 years after leaving. No politician shall be allowed to work for or lobby any company that received government money for a period of 10 years after they leave office.

6. Any pay raises or increase in benefits for politicians must be put to a vote by the American people, you work for the people and shouldn’t get to decide your own pay and benefits.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Truth About Fiscal Conservatives

If you’re like me then you want to know the facts not the make believe world that we get with the spin in our living room from cable “News” networks. They would have us believe that “young guns” in congress like Paul Ryan and Eric Cantor are the next generation of politicians who will stop the out of control spending in Washington. To bad they have a voting record and a history of large spending and not caring about the debt. Lets look at some of the “conservative” members of Congress like Paul Ryan and Eric Cantor

Paul Ryan was elected to congress in 1998 and when he took office in 1999 the debt clock had stopped running and we where paying down the national debt. Cantor was elected in 2000 when thanks to Newt Gingrich and Bill Clinton the nation was running a surplus for the first time in most of our lives.

Shortly after taking office we had the first bush tax cuts which added over 1.3 trillion dollars to the national debt, both Ryan and Cantor voted in favor of these tax cuts and immediately took us from a surplus and restarted the national debt clock


Both men voted to authorize the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan even though the intelligence was being disputed on our reasons for invading Iraq. Voting for these wars added at least another 1.5 trillion to the national debt.

Running Total 2.8 Trillion

While now claiming to be fiscal and wanting to cut “entitlements” both men voted to pass the Medicare Part D plan which would not only add at least 7 trillion to the national debt but had no cost controls and was a huge handout to the drug companies. As we now see this wasn’t passed to help seniors but was passed to put a strain on the Medicare system and help bankrupt it earlier then it would have so the party whose new drug plan could claim we can not afford the whole system and it needs to be scrapped.

Running Total 9.8 Trillion

In 2008 we where in the middle of a banking crisis that threatened to bring down the whole economy, republicans put the blame on democrats, completely ignoring the fact that from 1994-2006 republicans controlled both the house and the Senate and could of at any time reigned in the banks and the mortgage companies but chose to ignore the issues and instead they deregulated like never before and turned a blind eye as wall street ran wild. The original bailout was for 800 billion dollars but as we later found out it’s more like 5 trillion dollars, but for sake of argument we will go with the smaller number..

Running Total 10.6 Trillion

In 2008 a bailout of the auto industry was proposed, Eric Cantor had found his religion and voted against it while Paul Ryan still spent like a drunken sailor and voted for it.

How did they allow so much debt to go unnoticed? Most of the debt was “off book” so it didn’t count against the national debt, even though it was debt spending. For the 8 years before President Obama took office Paul Ryan and Eric Cantor voted YES to raise the debt ceiling every time they where asked. This doesn’t even include the millions in pork that these two “fiscal conservatives” have asked for.

Making it worse - they managed to run up over 10 trillion in debt and still had the nerve to vote against things like Schip which helps poor children get insurance and often voted against helping the poor and for harming the environment. So I wonder - why isn’t the Tea Party or the true fiscal conservatives trying to run these 2 guys out of town? To say you are concerned about Americas spending and Debt and vote for or support these 2 men makes you a hypocrite, nothing more or nothing less.

A final message - if you think the republicans of 2001-2008 where fiscal Obama would have to raise the debt to 21 trillion to equal what they spent and he would have to raise it to over 28 trillion to triple it like the "great" Ronald Reagan did.

Friday, January 27, 2012

The Mythical Obama (as seen by republicans)

Republican along with Fox News and the Tea Party have created a fictional socialist president by the name of Barack Hussein Obama, they have told many, many lies to try and get the less uneducated voters to turn on the man. Below I will look at some of the things they have called President Obama for the absurd to the flat out lies.

1. Obama is not American

Obama is the first president that this has even been an issue, he has released his long form birth certificate as well as the newspaper clipping from when he was born in Hawaii. At first I thought it was because of the color of his skin but then a Cuban/American got elected in Florida and the Tea Party or Republicans are not questioning his citizenship. Most of the talk is because he is a Democrat and for the last 30 years the republican party has spent more time trying to find reasons to impeach democratic presidents then they have trying to work with them. In the late 1990’s the republican part spent all their time and millions of dollars trying to impeach Bill Clinton for having an extra marital affair and lying about it. We later found out the hard way that while the GOP was spending their time on a witch hunt they ignored the true threat to America and when Bill Clinton tried to kill Bin Laden he was attacked for it and it wasn’t till 2001 that we found out how dangerous it was to ignore the threats.

2. President Obama is soft on terror

The facts don’t back this up, he has spent more money then any president in history on National Security and has killed more high ranking terrorists in 3 years then George Bush did in 8. When given the chance to kill Bin Laden he took it knowing full well if it failed or if the intel was bad he would not only get the blame but the GOP would have their reason to try and impeach him. George Bush had the same chance to kill/capture Bin Laden in Tora Bora but didn’t, either because he was lacking the nerve or because he wanted Bin Laden alive so he could use the fear card to win the next election. President Obama believes in using drones and special forces and not risking the lives of thousands of Americans and it has saved lives.

3. President Obama is a Muslim

The same hypocrites who cry he is a Muslim then turn around and use Jeremiah Wright against him. There is no credible proof he is a Muslim and most sane republicans won’t claim he is yet you still have guys like Rick Santorum who don’t believe he is a Muslim yet said it’s not his job to correct people who think he is. I could say Newt Gingrich is a scientologist because he talks about space so much and he can’t be Christian because he has committed adultery and corruption which would go against his beliefs but like with Obama is a Muslim, just saying it doesn’t make it true.

4. President Obama wants to raise your taxes

Yes he would like to raise taxes on 1% of the population but the fact is he has not only kept the low Bush taxes but cut them even further. So the FACTS are Americans are paying lower taxes now then they where when President Obama took office.

5. Obama is the food stamp president

Yes more people are on food stamps now then any time in history but that is because of an economic collapse in 2008 and if you go by pure numbers more people where added to food stamps under President Bush then President Obama. The economy will recover and as it does less and less people will be eligible and the numbers will go down. To blame one man for people on welfare is a flat out lie and while it makes for good red meat to the conservative base it simply isn’t true.

6. Obama is a socialist who hates free market capitalism

Again the facts prove this a lie, yes he bailed out the automobile industry but did not take them over, just as George Bush did with the banks. There have been regulations put in place on wall street and the banking industry but after what happened in 2008 most sane Americans think we needed them. The fact is republicans can not cry about regulations since under Bush they passed job crippling regulations that are killing the post office. They have taken the post office from making a profit to billions in debt with their pension regulations. Calling someone a Socialist doesn’t make it true and Obama hasn’t done anything more socialist then any other president in history..

7. Obamacare is a government takeover

This is the biggest lie, the health care law passed by democrats is anything but a liberal government takeover. The law demands all Americans buy health insurance (which was originally a republican idea in the 1990’s supported by Newt Gingrich), it does not give them government insurance like politicians have it forces people to buy public for profit insurance. It is not a government takeover of health care it’s just a HUGE handout to insurance companies. It does add regulations that won’t allow insurance companies to murder people for profit any longer and gets rid of pre existing condition clause. Medicare for all or a public option would be a government takeover and the fact is he fought for neither of these.

8. Obama is making the economy worse

The 2009 budget was passed in 2008 while bush was in charge but even ignoring that fact lets look at it. Since his “failed” stimulus package unemployment has dropped from 10% to 8.5% while companies still sit on record amounts of money and have trillions offshore to avoid taxes. The private sector has added millions of jobs and at the same time government has been shrinking every month with public sector jobs being cut. The republican policies that lead to a collapse in 2008 caused us millions of lost jobs and the facts show that in his first 3 years President Obama has helped create more private sector jobs then Bush did in 8 years. Is it enough - No - but adding even 1 job a month is better then losing the hundreds of thousands a month when he first took office.

Republicans like to turn their presidents into myths, they make theirs look better while telling lies about the other party. Fact is that if you want a president who raised taxes, gave amnesty to illegal immigrants, was weak on terror including supporting an evil dictator, fund and train Bin Laden and sell weapons to Iran and finally a president who ran up a record 189% national debt then you wouldn’t vote for Obama you would have supported Ronald Reagan.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

What Republicans just don't understand

     I keep hearing republicans cry “class warfare” or people like Mitt Romney saying that Americans envy the rich. The fact is that most Americans don’t envy the rich or even desire to be rich but just want to be treated fair and be able to take care of their family.

    I’ve been poor and I’ve been rich, the only difference is between the two was not having to worry about the checkbook. Being rich didn’t make me any better then I was before and if anything it made me a little worse. After getting a taste of having more money then I knew what to do with that became all I would worry about, often putting my family and friends on the back burner to try and make more money. It wasn’t till a family emergency that made me realize that you can have all the money in the world and it means nothing if you don’t have someone to share it with and family who truly cares about you.

    Until the 1980’s most Americans where happy with their lives, they made enough money working a full time job and where happy as long as their kids had food on the table and cloths on their back. Then came the Reagan revolution which brought us huge inflation and it was no longer possible to have a family where on parent worked and made enough money for the whole family. All most of us want is to be able to support a family again, to not have to worry about where the next supper is coming from or will we lose everything if our children get sick.

    We the people just want a fair playing field, one where a store clerk has as much influence on our democracy as a hedge fund manager. We are currently closing in on a plutocracy where all the money is in a few peoples hands and they get to buy politicians and have rules made to their advantage. The 2012 republican primary is a great example of money buying elections, Newt Gingrich hasn’t raised much money but has a wealthy backer who has spent 10 million dollars to try and buy the presidency. If Newt is elected president what will he owe the person who bought him the office and that one person will have more influence then the other 300 million who didn’t help him.

     I don’t envy the rich, I envy people like my parents who have woke up next to each other for the last 50 years and are still best friends today and as much in love as they where all those years ago. They both worked full time jobs to put food on the table and cloths on our back and as children we didn’t consider ourselves “poor” even though looking back we where. If I’m lucky enough to have a family of my own and there is a heaven I want to meet God and say

   “I didn’t pray and I didn’t go to church but what I did do is put the love of my family and friends over my own needs, I didn’t value money more then my children and was never unfaithful.”

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Why Christian Conservatives are hypocrites

I keep hearing the “Christian Conservative” or “Evangelical” vote looking for the perfect republican, to me there is nothing more hypocritical then putting those two groups together. If you look at who has more religious values conservatives are the last group to come to mind, looking at a couple issues that they take into account.


Conservatives believe that life begins as soon at conception and are 100% anti abortion even in cases where a relative may rape a 10 year old girl. This is fine but after a fetus becomes a living, breathing baby conservatives don’t care if they die from starvation or lack of health care and have no problem sending them off to fight and die in wars or execute them even if there is doubt of guilt. You can not say all life is sacred and be willing to just throw life away like conservatives do. The conservatives goal is to gut Medicare, Social Security, Welfare and other programs that put food on the table of the poor and old, with over 40K people dying a year because of either lack of health care or decisions made by insurance companies to allow a person to die if it means saving money. I would give this issue to the Democrats who believe that a women has a right to choose and believes that helping your fellow man is more important then money.


This is a tough call, both parties are horrible on this issue but Democrats don’t use this as a political issue. Republicans love to tout their family values until they get caught in a gay sex scandal or caught cheating on their wives. Newt Gingrich has been married 3 times and David Vitter often used prostitutes outside his marriage while both tout their “family values”. While republicans are more hypocritical on this issue I would call it a draw with neither party winning this issue.


Republicans believe that the lord helps those who help themselves and are all about putting profit over the lives of their fellow man. Only one party believes in putting profit over the health and well being of their fellow man . While they cry about Christians being attacked and persecuted they turn around and do the exact same things to Muslims, Mexicans, and gay people. They do not believe we are all created equal in the eyes of the lord and that gay people deserve the same rights as straight people and in a lot of cases believe that they choose to be that way and can be “fixed”. Republicans believe that it’s not our responsibility to make sure that all children are fed and clothed and that all seniors are taken care of especially at the expense of profit. This is a simple one, thought history the Democrats have shown more compassion then the Republicans for their fellow man.

It is the abortion issue that makes many vote republican but when you take the total of their beliefs it’s obvious God would be a liberal. Republicans put profit over the life and think that God created capitalism and thinks that every many has a right to make as much money as possible, the “Christian conservatives” have bought into this and while I’m not a religious scholar I believe that if there is a heaven these people will have to answer for this after they die. I would rather meet God telling him I died poor because I believed in helping my fellow man then trying to explain that I died rich and fighting against caring for my fellow man.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The GOP Hypocrites

The republican party has become a party full of hypocrites who love to hold up the bible and the constitution while not following either. These are just a few of the things I see them being hypocrites on

Founding Fathers and Our Creator

The love to quote the founding fathers, especially the Declaration of Independence and “Our Creator” but they ignore what our creator endowed us with. They love to say that we are endowed with the pursuit of happiness which means we have the right to succeed in their eyes but are not guaranteed anything. They ignore the right to Life and Liberty completely. The only people they feel have a right to life are fetuses, any actual living, breathing person is on their own and in the GOP eyes if you can not afford to live you shouldn’t. While most civilized countries have universal health care for all it’s citizens America still has a free market system and the republicans want to make it so even the sickest, poorest and oldest amongst us have to find our own insurance. They support the insurance companies decisions to allow people to die to increase their profits, because of insurance company decisions over 40,000 people die each year who could be enjoying their right to life. Not only is our system killing thousands of people it is the most expensive and least efficient system in the world, our government spend 50% more then countries with universal healthcare and gets worse results. If they are allowed to get their way they will change it from “Right to Life” to “Right to profit from peoples Lives”

Since they took power in 2001 the GOP has taken away more liberties and rights from Americans then any time in history, Again ignoring the rights endowed by our creator.

Election 2010 - Jobs, Jobs, Jobs

The Tea Party helped the republicans take control of congress in 2010 with the promise of creating jobs, a great plan that they soon abandoned when they took their oath of office. It’s been a year of GOP control and they have not passed one serious jobs bill but have done everything they can to ruin the economy and prevent job creation. They used the debt ceiling to and threat of a government shutdown to help lay off hundreds of thousands of public sector workers including teachers, fireman and police and because of their fight America had their credit rating downgraded. The party who ran up record debt and whose policies lead the second biggest financial collapse since the great depression is now trying to claim they are “fiscal conservatives”. They fought for an passed a trillion dollar bailout for the banking system and refuse to do anything to help people with out insurance or jobs. They are fiscally responsive when it comes to taking food out of kids mouths or medicine out of older peoples hands but have no problem offering welfare to the rich and powerful.

Debt “Crisis”

The same people who helped turn a huge surplus left by President Bill Clinton in to a huge debt are now crying about the spending. Paul Ryan, John Boehner, Eric Cantor all helped pass the biggest entitlement program with Medicare Party D, voted for record tax cuts while fighting 2 wars at the same time blowing another trillion dollar hole in the debt, and voted to give trillions of dollars in welfare to the banking companies who made bad investments. The same republicans who ran up the largest increase in the debt since Ronald Reagan was president now have less uneducated people in the republican party believing that if they are put in power they will stop the spending.

Right now the front runners are Mitt Romney who has changed his mind on many, many issues and Rick Santorum who while in the Senate voted for Medicare part D as well as raising the Debt ceiling five times in his six years in office. It’s been said that you can full some of the people but my worry is that these hypocrites who helped put us in the mess we are in full enough people to allow them to regain power, then God help us all.