Sunday, January 8, 2012

Why Christian Conservatives are hypocrites

I keep hearing the “Christian Conservative” or “Evangelical” vote looking for the perfect republican, to me there is nothing more hypocritical then putting those two groups together. If you look at who has more religious values conservatives are the last group to come to mind, looking at a couple issues that they take into account.


Conservatives believe that life begins as soon at conception and are 100% anti abortion even in cases where a relative may rape a 10 year old girl. This is fine but after a fetus becomes a living, breathing baby conservatives don’t care if they die from starvation or lack of health care and have no problem sending them off to fight and die in wars or execute them even if there is doubt of guilt. You can not say all life is sacred and be willing to just throw life away like conservatives do. The conservatives goal is to gut Medicare, Social Security, Welfare and other programs that put food on the table of the poor and old, with over 40K people dying a year because of either lack of health care or decisions made by insurance companies to allow a person to die if it means saving money. I would give this issue to the Democrats who believe that a women has a right to choose and believes that helping your fellow man is more important then money.


This is a tough call, both parties are horrible on this issue but Democrats don’t use this as a political issue. Republicans love to tout their family values until they get caught in a gay sex scandal or caught cheating on their wives. Newt Gingrich has been married 3 times and David Vitter often used prostitutes outside his marriage while both tout their “family values”. While republicans are more hypocritical on this issue I would call it a draw with neither party winning this issue.


Republicans believe that the lord helps those who help themselves and are all about putting profit over the lives of their fellow man. Only one party believes in putting profit over the health and well being of their fellow man . While they cry about Christians being attacked and persecuted they turn around and do the exact same things to Muslims, Mexicans, and gay people. They do not believe we are all created equal in the eyes of the lord and that gay people deserve the same rights as straight people and in a lot of cases believe that they choose to be that way and can be “fixed”. Republicans believe that it’s not our responsibility to make sure that all children are fed and clothed and that all seniors are taken care of especially at the expense of profit. This is a simple one, thought history the Democrats have shown more compassion then the Republicans for their fellow man.

It is the abortion issue that makes many vote republican but when you take the total of their beliefs it’s obvious God would be a liberal. Republicans put profit over the life and think that God created capitalism and thinks that every many has a right to make as much money as possible, the “Christian conservatives” have bought into this and while I’m not a religious scholar I believe that if there is a heaven these people will have to answer for this after they die. I would rather meet God telling him I died poor because I believed in helping my fellow man then trying to explain that I died rich and fighting against caring for my fellow man.

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