Friday, January 27, 2012

The Mythical Obama (as seen by republicans)

Republican along with Fox News and the Tea Party have created a fictional socialist president by the name of Barack Hussein Obama, they have told many, many lies to try and get the less uneducated voters to turn on the man. Below I will look at some of the things they have called President Obama for the absurd to the flat out lies.

1. Obama is not American

Obama is the first president that this has even been an issue, he has released his long form birth certificate as well as the newspaper clipping from when he was born in Hawaii. At first I thought it was because of the color of his skin but then a Cuban/American got elected in Florida and the Tea Party or Republicans are not questioning his citizenship. Most of the talk is because he is a Democrat and for the last 30 years the republican party has spent more time trying to find reasons to impeach democratic presidents then they have trying to work with them. In the late 1990’s the republican part spent all their time and millions of dollars trying to impeach Bill Clinton for having an extra marital affair and lying about it. We later found out the hard way that while the GOP was spending their time on a witch hunt they ignored the true threat to America and when Bill Clinton tried to kill Bin Laden he was attacked for it and it wasn’t till 2001 that we found out how dangerous it was to ignore the threats.

2. President Obama is soft on terror

The facts don’t back this up, he has spent more money then any president in history on National Security and has killed more high ranking terrorists in 3 years then George Bush did in 8. When given the chance to kill Bin Laden he took it knowing full well if it failed or if the intel was bad he would not only get the blame but the GOP would have their reason to try and impeach him. George Bush had the same chance to kill/capture Bin Laden in Tora Bora but didn’t, either because he was lacking the nerve or because he wanted Bin Laden alive so he could use the fear card to win the next election. President Obama believes in using drones and special forces and not risking the lives of thousands of Americans and it has saved lives.

3. President Obama is a Muslim

The same hypocrites who cry he is a Muslim then turn around and use Jeremiah Wright against him. There is no credible proof he is a Muslim and most sane republicans won’t claim he is yet you still have guys like Rick Santorum who don’t believe he is a Muslim yet said it’s not his job to correct people who think he is. I could say Newt Gingrich is a scientologist because he talks about space so much and he can’t be Christian because he has committed adultery and corruption which would go against his beliefs but like with Obama is a Muslim, just saying it doesn’t make it true.

4. President Obama wants to raise your taxes

Yes he would like to raise taxes on 1% of the population but the fact is he has not only kept the low Bush taxes but cut them even further. So the FACTS are Americans are paying lower taxes now then they where when President Obama took office.

5. Obama is the food stamp president

Yes more people are on food stamps now then any time in history but that is because of an economic collapse in 2008 and if you go by pure numbers more people where added to food stamps under President Bush then President Obama. The economy will recover and as it does less and less people will be eligible and the numbers will go down. To blame one man for people on welfare is a flat out lie and while it makes for good red meat to the conservative base it simply isn’t true.

6. Obama is a socialist who hates free market capitalism

Again the facts prove this a lie, yes he bailed out the automobile industry but did not take them over, just as George Bush did with the banks. There have been regulations put in place on wall street and the banking industry but after what happened in 2008 most sane Americans think we needed them. The fact is republicans can not cry about regulations since under Bush they passed job crippling regulations that are killing the post office. They have taken the post office from making a profit to billions in debt with their pension regulations. Calling someone a Socialist doesn’t make it true and Obama hasn’t done anything more socialist then any other president in history..

7. Obamacare is a government takeover

This is the biggest lie, the health care law passed by democrats is anything but a liberal government takeover. The law demands all Americans buy health insurance (which was originally a republican idea in the 1990’s supported by Newt Gingrich), it does not give them government insurance like politicians have it forces people to buy public for profit insurance. It is not a government takeover of health care it’s just a HUGE handout to insurance companies. It does add regulations that won’t allow insurance companies to murder people for profit any longer and gets rid of pre existing condition clause. Medicare for all or a public option would be a government takeover and the fact is he fought for neither of these.

8. Obama is making the economy worse

The 2009 budget was passed in 2008 while bush was in charge but even ignoring that fact lets look at it. Since his “failed” stimulus package unemployment has dropped from 10% to 8.5% while companies still sit on record amounts of money and have trillions offshore to avoid taxes. The private sector has added millions of jobs and at the same time government has been shrinking every month with public sector jobs being cut. The republican policies that lead to a collapse in 2008 caused us millions of lost jobs and the facts show that in his first 3 years President Obama has helped create more private sector jobs then Bush did in 8 years. Is it enough - No - but adding even 1 job a month is better then losing the hundreds of thousands a month when he first took office.

Republicans like to turn their presidents into myths, they make theirs look better while telling lies about the other party. Fact is that if you want a president who raised taxes, gave amnesty to illegal immigrants, was weak on terror including supporting an evil dictator, fund and train Bin Laden and sell weapons to Iran and finally a president who ran up a record 189% national debt then you wouldn’t vote for Obama you would have supported Ronald Reagan.

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