Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Racism and the Right Wing

Democrat Steve Israel had the nerve to say the republican base has elements of racism and immediately Fox News and the right wing machine exploded. Sean Hannity said it makes him sick that these lies are told but lets have a look at the facts and the racist overtones the republicans have been pushing for a while.

“Lincoln Freed the slaves and the KKK was founded by democrats”

Yes Lincoln did free the slaves and back then it was southern democrats who fought against it but the roles have reversed in a big way. Those southern democrats became hard core republicans and the south will never be blue again in our lifetime.

Lets look at a few republican politicians and their actions

Marilyn Davenport (California Republican) sent out emails of a doctored photo that showed Obama and his parents as monkeys

Doug Lamborn (Colorado republican) referred to Obama as a “Tar Baby”

And we often hear dog whistle words like “Inner City” or as Newt Gingrich calls him “food stamp president” which brings us back to the old “welfare queens”. For years the GOP has used subtle words to hide their racism but it appears they aren’t even trying anymore.

Republicans held a panel called “trumping the race card” in which a North Carolina tea party member went full racist talking about how slaves should have thanked their owners for giving them food and shelter at which time the crowd broke out in applause. He then went on to say African-Americans should only be allowed to vote in Africa and we should allow segregation.

Rush Limbaugh  (proud voice of the GOP) - from playing “Barack the magic negro” to his racist overtones it’s hard to narrow it down to a few but I’ll try.

“Have you ever noticed all composites of criminals resembles Jesse Jackson”

“NAACP should get a liquor store and practice robberies”

To an African American caller “Take that bone out of your nose and call me back”

“Obama is an angry Black guy” - did he point out Bush was white or McCain was white?

There are racists I both parties but I have yet to find one racist who voted for President Obama, Fox likes to point out that 96% of African Americans voted for him ignoring that for 200 years 100% of white people voted for a white president. All you have to do is go to you tube or to google and type in “Racist Republican comments” and a huge list will show up

Google - 10 MILLION results
You Tube - only 220 THOUSAND results