Sunday, July 13, 2014

Why I now do my research and vote Democrat

I turned 18 in 1993 but and in most election voted republican, I didn’t do any research I just believed what they told me they stood for. In 2000 I supported John McCain for president, while I thought Clinton was a good president I just didn’t trust Al gore.

When Bush/Cheney won the nomination I showed them my support and voted for them. This will go down as the biggest regret and mistake in my life. On 9/11 I first started to question my vote and everything republicans stood for, then as I watched them exploit the dead and their memories of that horrible day just to win elections I started to get a bad taste in my mouth. I watched over the next couple years as they used that horrible day to invade Afghanistan and later using twisted and questionable intel played on the fears of Americans to get their support for the Iraq war.

That was the final straw and the LAST time I would let a politician fool me, as I watched President Bush use the terror alert to scare Americans into supporting him it became obvious there is nothing these people wouldn’t do to stay in office.  I do not know how anyone looking back could justify their vote for Bush in 2004 after watching them exploit dead Americans over and over, from the bodies buried under the rubble in New York to Pat Tillman and everyone in between it just made me sick.

I started doing my research and realized while republicans talk a good game they never deliver, they promise things and don’t even try to follow through.

Less Debt? - only 2 times in my life has a president cut the deficit and that’s Bill Clinton and Barack Obama

More Freedom/Less Government? Yes for corporations, while they pass laws making Americans second class citizens and restricting the rights of women and gays.

Smaller Government? Again only 2 presidents have cut the size of the government workforce and that’s Clinton and Obama.

So if you like all the things republicans “claim” to be fore do some research and you will find out that’s all they do is claim. When they get in office they spend, restrict freedoms and exploit every chance they get. If you like what they claim to stand for you would vote Democrat who actually puts those policies in place.