Sunday, July 14, 2013

Republicans war on America - Divide and Conquer

The last two election and any time someone even suggests that the rich aren’t paying their fair share and the poor are suffering republicans scream “Class Warfare”. Talk about regulating Wall Street and holding bankers accountable for their actions “Class Warfare”. It’s funny, iron and sad that republicans use this type of language and even sadder that people believe them. When President Obama proposed a tax increase on the top 1% of people in America I don’t know how many republicans I heard say “He is dividing the country”, hell they have a 24 our propaganda network who pushed the storyline.

We can’t have “Class Warfare” according to the republicans but lets look at the warfare they support and promote -


Union Warfare - Republicans paint unions as evil and what’s wrong with America, they attack teachers, police and firemen as well as other labor unions for their pension and healthcare which is ironic since these same politicians pension and healthcare are 100x better than any teacher and it’s funded by taxpayer money. They cry about tenure and pensions hurting the economy while they rig the elections by redistricting and voter ID laws to make sure they keep their own tenure in congress and the senate and while a teacher may cost 30,000 a year a politician costs 180,000 a year. We can attack the unions, teachers, firefighters and police but don’t ask the politicians or their rich backers to sacrifice one penny.


War on “Takers” - You often her republicans cry that 47% of people don’t pay taxes, first this is a flat out lie because while they may not pay extra taxes they still pay

Fica Tax

State Tax

Sales Tax

Gas Tax

Property Tax

Payroll Tax

The 47% who are “takers” include single mothers who work 40 hours a week at min. wage jobs often without healthcare or benefits and also includes senior citizens who worked their whole life and of course it includes military personal fighting in war zones to give republicans the freedom to lie. Oh and did I mention there are thousands of people who make more than 1,000,000.00 a year who pay no taxes and in fact get a refund? Those damn slackers getting shot at in Iraq and Afghanistan, it’s time they pair their fair share and stop sponging off patriotic rich according to the GOP.


Fetal Warfare - Texas is just the most recent states that has declared war on a women’s uterus, their goal is to take away a women’s right to choose and force them to be a slave to the fetus for 9 months no matter the danger. If your 10 year old daughter is raped by an uncle don’t even think about destroying that evidence, who cares that the girl had to live through the act of rape (I guess at that age her body hasn’t learned to shut it down yet) but now she has to be reminded for 9 months what happened and bear the child of the person who did this to her. They often use religion as a background for this belief which would be ok but after being sued for wrongful death of a fetus recently the church argued that a fetus isn’t a living human being.



War on Poverty - Yes this has been around for a long time but the last 30 years republicans have fought on the wrong side. Since Reagan the GOP has adopted a “People are poor because they’re lazy and choose to be so why help them” attitude. They got a taste of victory with the welfare reform act of the 90’s and now want to not only win another battle but end the ware completely. Recently with the sequestration they have forced poor people without insurance to delay or even end their cancer treatments, ended meals on wheels for millions of Americans and forced millions of children to go hungry at school by cutting the funding for their meals. After getting that and seeing there is not much outrage or coverage by the corporate media they have decided to take another stop and cut 20 billion more in food stamps, instead of asking other to pay more they cut from the most vulnerable among us. They say “we want people to be able to stand on their own” which would be a good idea but they turn around and make it harder for college or higher education and cut funding for K-12 education while cutting taxes for the people who bought them their job.


War on Immigrants - this one is the worst, they have turned it into an actual war and not just talk. They have proposed billion in funding to militarize the border and make their defense contractors richer. Newsflash to republicans - unless you are 100% native American you were an illegal immigrant at some time. Republicans act like Mexicans are sneaking in to America and planning on stealing our land, raping our women and murdering our children - you know like the old white men did to the Native Americans when they arrived in the new world.

You can not question anything the wealthy do or you are dividing America but it’s 100% ok to go after teachers, unions, fireman, soldiers, veterans, women, blacks, Hispanics and of course poor people of any color, race or religion. Next time a republican yells “class warfare” or “You’re dividing America” ask them their stance on Abortion, “Takers”, Food Stamps, Education, Immigration then point out they are a hypocrite. America is being divided and there is “warfare” but it’s the republicans leading the charge and with the help of their propaganda network they are winning until America wakes up and starts to fight back. By keeping the populace poor, uneducated and divided they can finish turning America into the plutocracy they always envisioned.