Thursday, June 19, 2014

Republicans Say Frack The Environment

If I had a nickel for every time I heard a republican say “We can’t leave our children debt it would be irresponsible” I would have more money than Exxon Mobile.  They think debt is wrong but have no problem leaving their children dirty air and undrinkable water as long as they can fill their cars for under 3.00 a gallon. In 2013 alone the republicans voted over 109 times and 300 times since 2011 to endanger the environment so corporations could avoid life saving regulations. Here is a look at some of the things republicans have done that will lead to more diseases and endanger the lives of your children.

September 21st 2012 was Black Friday for the Environment all in one day the GOP

Voted Carbon Dioxide is not dangerous to Americans today or in the future and does NOT endanger the public health.

Voted to block the EPA from studying or taking any action to address climate change, allow the unsafe disposal of coal ash and blocks the EPA from cleaning up spilled mercury from power plants.

Strips the EPA Authority to stop disposal of waste in waterways even if the EPA determines the disposal will have adverse impacts on water quality, fish or human.. That’s right it allows for toxic dumping in waters and takes away the EPA authority to stop it.

Took away the EPA’s ability to provide clean air protections from states that ignore standards and fail to act. Eliminates the EPA’s authority to control the level of pollution a corporation puts into the air.

That was all in one day but wasn’t the only day - here are some other GOP gems against environment

Allowed for unlimited deforesting and mining in the Superior and Chippewa National Forests.

Blocks regulations to protect health and environment until the unemployment level falls below 6% allowing for unlimited pollution as long as unemployment was high.

Block any regulation that would cost over 50 Million - they actually put corporate profits over humans in a cost benefits analysis

REQUIRE new offshore drilling w/ no environmental reviews and without drill safety requirements

Voted offshore oil drillers do NOT have to improve their standards as outlined in the BP oil spill commission

Makes mining the number ONE use of public lands and allows companies out mine without paying any royalties, it also requires the Forest Service to allow mining companies to build mining roads even at the harm of the environment

Delayed EPA rules that help prevent asthma attacks, hart attacks, cancer, birth defects, brain damage, premature death or other serious harm to human health if it damaged corporate profits.

Republicans have suggested cost benefits analysis of any regulations and have sided with the corporation over human health, they don’t even hide it. When you hear republicans sarcastically say “GOP want dirty air and water” tell them YES THEY DO and their voting record proves it. Above is just a few examples from the last 2 years and there are many, many more.

I live in an area where fracking is all over and they have recently approved a fracking well right next to our drinking water. This is even after the next town over had a massive spill from fracking runoff into their drinking water because they were told “it’s harmless and fine to drink” but thanks to republican laws passed under Dick Cheney’s guidance oil/gas companies do not have to tell what chemicals they pump into the ground no matter how dangerous or poisonous.

We do need oil, gas and electricity but not at the expense of human lives, with more children being born with asthma and other diseases and cancer exploding how can one party overlook the connection to all the toxic waste dumped into the environment. Either they don’t have children or they don’t care about them, I for one would rather leave my children with debt than needing to use oxygen tanks or having lifelong diseases just so Exxon or National Fuel can make maximum profits and buy more politicians.