Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The GOP Hypocrites

The republican party has become a party full of hypocrites who love to hold up the bible and the constitution while not following either. These are just a few of the things I see them being hypocrites on

Founding Fathers and Our Creator

The love to quote the founding fathers, especially the Declaration of Independence and “Our Creator” but they ignore what our creator endowed us with. They love to say that we are endowed with the pursuit of happiness which means we have the right to succeed in their eyes but are not guaranteed anything. They ignore the right to Life and Liberty completely. The only people they feel have a right to life are fetuses, any actual living, breathing person is on their own and in the GOP eyes if you can not afford to live you shouldn’t. While most civilized countries have universal health care for all it’s citizens America still has a free market system and the republicans want to make it so even the sickest, poorest and oldest amongst us have to find our own insurance. They support the insurance companies decisions to allow people to die to increase their profits, because of insurance company decisions over 40,000 people die each year who could be enjoying their right to life. Not only is our system killing thousands of people it is the most expensive and least efficient system in the world, our government spend 50% more then countries with universal healthcare and gets worse results. If they are allowed to get their way they will change it from “Right to Life” to “Right to profit from peoples Lives”

Since they took power in 2001 the GOP has taken away more liberties and rights from Americans then any time in history, Again ignoring the rights endowed by our creator.

Election 2010 - Jobs, Jobs, Jobs

The Tea Party helped the republicans take control of congress in 2010 with the promise of creating jobs, a great plan that they soon abandoned when they took their oath of office. It’s been a year of GOP control and they have not passed one serious jobs bill but have done everything they can to ruin the economy and prevent job creation. They used the debt ceiling to and threat of a government shutdown to help lay off hundreds of thousands of public sector workers including teachers, fireman and police and because of their fight America had their credit rating downgraded. The party who ran up record debt and whose policies lead the second biggest financial collapse since the great depression is now trying to claim they are “fiscal conservatives”. They fought for an passed a trillion dollar bailout for the banking system and refuse to do anything to help people with out insurance or jobs. They are fiscally responsive when it comes to taking food out of kids mouths or medicine out of older peoples hands but have no problem offering welfare to the rich and powerful.

Debt “Crisis”

The same people who helped turn a huge surplus left by President Bill Clinton in to a huge debt are now crying about the spending. Paul Ryan, John Boehner, Eric Cantor all helped pass the biggest entitlement program with Medicare Party D, voted for record tax cuts while fighting 2 wars at the same time blowing another trillion dollar hole in the debt, and voted to give trillions of dollars in welfare to the banking companies who made bad investments. The same republicans who ran up the largest increase in the debt since Ronald Reagan was president now have less uneducated people in the republican party believing that if they are put in power they will stop the spending.

Right now the front runners are Mitt Romney who has changed his mind on many, many issues and Rick Santorum who while in the Senate voted for Medicare part D as well as raising the Debt ceiling five times in his six years in office. It’s been said that you can full some of the people but my worry is that these hypocrites who helped put us in the mess we are in full enough people to allow them to regain power, then God help us all.

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