Monday, September 19, 2011

My problem with the Tea Party

What’s my problem with the Tea Party? Where do I start, it’s not the misspelled signed, the lack of racial diversity or the lack of coherent thoughts but it is their stand on issues. I am for the most part a fiscal conservative but am more liberal on social issues like gay marriage which leaves me without a party and the tea party is no solution.

One of their big issues is what they call Obamacare, to them it’s a socialist takeover of healthcare when in reality it’s a giant handout to the private sector. While the mandate may be unconstitutional it not only was a republican idea but is the only way to control health care costs, right now people with insurance are paying the bills for people without and this would end if everyone had insurance. The program is far from socialism and the tea party should really learn the definition of that word, all insurance will still be run through private insurance companies and all decisions will be made by those companies not the government or your doctor. The companies that are responsible for more deaths each month then Bin Laden killed on 9/11 will now be in control of the health system. Medicare Part D was more of a socialist program then obamacare and costs over 10x the price an was unpaid for but there where no tea party protest then.

They are against government spending so they should be against the wars in Iraq and Afgan. Which where both unpaid for and added trillions to the debt but I don’t see many signs demanding that we bring our troops home and stop spending money on the wars. We give over three billion dollars to Israel and again I don’t hear them complaining about that even though it’s not in our best interest or to defend America and not in the constitutions. Invading Iraq had nothing to do with keeping America safe or national security so they should really be against this waste of spending and lives.

The Tea Party must be against Social Security and Medicare since neither is in the constitution but I don’t see signs telling the government to take away those programs from seniors who rely on them. I see signs at the tea party rallies that say “keep your government hand off my medicare” which to most Americans makes no sense. You can not be against gov. spending half hearted, either you are for the constitution and states rights or your not.

The biggest joke is that they think that TEA stands for taxed enough already, taxes are the lowest they have been in over fifty years and the richest companies not only pay no taxes but get massive refunds from the government. The biggest handouts by the federal government are to companies like Bank of America, Exxon, GE yet I don’t hear the tea party calling for those to stop. They scream about welfare and handouts to the poor but have no problem with billion dollar handouts to the rich and big business.

What it all boils down to is that the tea party is either uneducated or the biggest group of hypocrites on the planet. They support people like Rick Perry who accepted billions from President Barack Obama stimulus package and used the money to pay down states debt while creating more government jobs then any other state in the country. Michelle Bachmann is another favorite of the Tea Party and she has taken several hundred thousand dollars from the government in farm subsidies, medicare/Medicaid payments yet she speaks out against these things. The Tea Party wants personal responsibility yet they elect Joe Walsh who doesn’t even pay child support to help his wife raise his children, yet they expect him to bring fiscal responsibility to DC.

The tea party screams the are an grass roots movement but if you follow the money it was formed with the backing of large republican groups who used their money to rally the people angry with the Democrats in power. The greatest trick they played was getting these people to believe that it was grass roots and that they served no master but if you follow the money you will see who the real people behind the tea party are. The tea party are no better then 99% of the politicians in Washington D.C. who don’t represent the real hard working Americans but tow the line for the rich and powerful who give them money. A real grass roots movement doesn’t involve fancy busses, 100K speaking fees to media whore politicians like Sarah Palin or threats of violence if you don’t get your own way.

A true grassroots movement would be to form a legit 3rd party, not one who is the extreme of the republican party like the Tea Party, but one that is in the true center of American. One that believes that Gov. can help and should help, that America deserves to spend as much money rebuilding here as we do in other countries and one who believes that it’s not the moral thing to do but the right thing for people who can afford to pay more in taxes to do so. When someone who makes ten million dollars pays a lower tax rate then someone who makes fifty thousand there is something wrong. And most important a party that believes money needs to be taken out of politics and that there should be term limits on congress and the senate like there is the President. It won’t start with someone running for President buy will take time, first by winning local elections, then state and finally federal but will not be won by large rallies with signs that are racist or make no sense or by billions of corporate dollars.

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