Sunday, September 4, 2011

Is the Revolution over?

After watching Capitalism a love story by Michael Moore his final words haunted me and I could not figure out why. Mr. Moore wanted help in his revolution to bring back the working class of America and return the American dream to the millions who have lost it, but is it to late?

When the banks greed almost brought down America they went to Washington and got the hand out they needed, over 700 billion to be exact, with no strings attached. This was 2008 and it lead to a title wave in Washington DC and swept Barack Obama to the white house and democrats in control of the house and senate. Instead of following up and fighting back against the rich and powerful who run this country, we the people sat back down and expected our politicians to fight for us. This gave the rich the opening they needed, while we sat back and got angry with the major banks giving their bosses large bonuses and taking million dollar vacations with our tax money the rich formed a plant to fight back.

With funding from billionaire businessmen like the Koch brothers and with the full support of the Fox News network they took a small uprising and turned it into the Tea Party. Instead of being angry at the rich and powerful who brought down America in 2008 and have been getting richer off the back of the working class the tea party pointed it’s anger at Washington DC and the democratic party. With huge money behind them they rose to power in 2010 and with no real job growth they used the publics anger to send their candidates to Washington to replace the career politicians.

The revolution had been squashed and now the rich and powerful where back to running the country and turned the middle class against each other, the powerful elite watched and with the help of their corporate owned media made teachers and unions the enemy that was destroying this great country and with the help of a few bought politicians like Scott Walker divided the middle class. While the Tea Party was bragging about all the congressman they helped get elected those congressman where busy selling out to the highest bidder, what the tea party saw as non politicians the rich and powerful saw as clay they could mold to do their bidding.

Michael Moore said he was tired of fighting alone and it may be to late to help him, the rich and powerful where running scared and the top 2% where afraid of the other 98% of the population which was starting to unite against them and ready to rise up. It may be to late, that top 98% has been divided and with the help of Fox News and the republican party is now fighting against itself instead of the true people who are destroying this country. Sorry Mr. Moore the people did not rise up and I fear it may

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