Saturday, September 10, 2011

This is Me

People ask what I believe and where I stand so I created this to answer those questions and the best way to do it would be to say what I would do if for some ungodly reason I was President of the United States
Taxes are simple do away with all deduction and tax breaks and create 5 brackets first 20K tax free for everyone

20K - 50K 5%
50K-100K 8%
100K-500K 12%
500K-1M 15%
1M+ 20%

Corporate tax would be no deductions, no subsidies
10% if 75 percent of workforce is located inside the USA

War Tax 10% when you vote to send young men/women to die you also vote for a war tax to pay for the war that way every American has some skin in the game

SS - remove the cap of 100K on Fica taxes and make Rates 8% (½ paid you and ½ paid company)

Medicaid - do away with

Welfare - would like to do away with but would compromise and put a 2 year cap on it for every American

Medicare - Would cover children who where under Medicaid and allow anyone to buy in for 6% of their salary moving all the Medicaid people to this program and making them pay something. With this option for every American I would not have a health care mandate but would make it so hospitals do not have to treat people who can afford insurance but do not buy it.

Departments I would do away with

Homeland Security - this is a huge waste of money after doing away with it just put people in charge of the CIA/FBI/NSA etc who can work together and share info.

Dept. of Education - would do away with federal dept. and make it a states issues

Dept. of Transportation - again would make it a states issues getting money right to states to fix roads etc. eliminating favoritism

SEC - this is a joke and they are in bed with wall street, would let the FBI handle wall street and white collar crimes then if 08 happened again people would go to jail

Other issues I have

Gay Marriage - the Government wouldn’t recognize any marriage only unions and leave the definition to the church all unions between 1 human and another human would be treated same by government

Religion - what is non practicing atheist I get a LOT - I do not know if there is a god but don’t choose to live my life by rules set up thousands of years ago. I have no problem with religion and in some cases think it helps people. I have a problem with people who push their beliefs or non beliefs on others and atheists who sue to have religious symbols removed upset me more then it does religious people as it gives the rest of us a bad name.

I OFTEN joke about the intelligence of others and their beliefs but while it may seem mean that is not what I intended. I do usually mean what I say about Sarah Palin (because she quit on the people who put their trust in her), the Marcus Bachmann (for being a homophobe and bigot) and the Pittsburgh Pirates (come on after 19 years of losing I have a right).

While a lot of people view me as liberal because of my stance on Gay Marriage, SS and Medicare as you can see I am far from it and probably have as many conservative views as liberal. Hate me or love me but please respect this is what I believe and no amount of money or fame would change that.

You can own a tank for all I care - but when you buy it the gun becomes yours if your gun kills someone or commits a robbery it's on you.

About me - I graduated high school in 2004 with honors, attended Penn State university till a family emergency forced me to drop out. I quit my job and moved in with parents to take care of my disabled father and have been doing that for last 8 years and have never been happier, while I'm angry that a terrible doctor left him in a wheel chair and needing 24/7 care I can say that our family has never been closer and I have realized that family is more important then Money, Sex or anything else in life.

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  1. I agree with most of your eliminations. Following you on Twitter and you make me laugh, a lot!