Thursday, September 22, 2011

Why I became a Democrat 9/21/11

In my 16 years of being legally eligible to vote I have voted for both democrats and republicans, in 2000 I supported John McCain and voted for George Bush even after he spread the rumor that McCain fathered a black child out of marriage. He ran on a platform of uniting America and being a small government man who didn’t think we should be the world police. Then he started two wars, tortured people, spied on American citizens, and split the country in half while running up over 10 trillion in debt.

In 2004 and 2008 I voted for democrats for president but still voted for some republicans in state and local offices and helped send a tea party congressman to Washington DC with my vote , and after sitting down and talking one on one with him. I always voted the man not the party and fully intended to do so in the future, then I started to lose faith in my politicians when they decided to put the country at risk just to try and prove a point.

This year we have seen disaster after disaster and all have been handled will and with minimum loss of life, unlike hurricane Katrina. Now the republican party is playing politics with helping people who are in serious need, the same party that has spent over 1,000,000,000,000.00 helping people in Iraq and Afghanistan but will not spend 10% of that to help people in need in America unless we gut a government program to pay for it. The GOP now wants to gut social nets like medicare and social security, both of which are paid for, while at the same time refusing to tinker with their 7 trillion dollar handout to drug companies in Medicare part D which was never paid for and is running up debt.

The republican party had turned against science and trying to improve the earth, and it’s not hard to figure out why. While most Americans believe global warming is real they refuse to admit it and take every chance to try and kill green jobs, which will help the planet and get us off of fossil fuels. Why are they against this, that’s simple, their biggest backers in the Koch brothers are oil men and the network that sets their agenda (fox news) is 100% against global warming and trying to create a fake scandal involving the president and an energy company . If you dig it doesn’t take long to see that the parent company of fox has a Saudi Prince as one of it’s second biggest investor so truth be damned, the money for him is in fossil fuels.

I can deal with the hypocrisy and have come to accept that every politician is owned by special interests and doesn’t really care about real Americans so I refused to associate with one party or another. Then I was slapped in the face with reality on September 21st 2011 when the state of Georgia was set to execute Troy Davis.

Did the man kill a police officer, that I don’t know, but do know that 7 of the 8 people who testified against him said they where forced by police to testify and didn’t see him do it. The 8th was the other suspect in the murder so of course he would blame anyone else. There was no other evidence so they where going to execute a man on the statements of one witness, no other evidence just on the word of one man. I don’t know if he did it but with all the new evidence he at least deserved a new trial. The day of the execution I was on twitter and saw all the hateful things said about this man by Ann Coulter and other republican puppets who cheered this mans death and made jokes. The pro life party was cheering and egging on the death of another human being. At 11:08 he was pronounced dead and the GOP celebrated, with that act at 11:08 pm eastern time I officially became a Democrat and will never vote for another republican again.

I accepted the republicans hated poor people and wanted to cut all their safety nets, they wanted to do away with taxes on the rich and allow them to destroy this great planet to make money. But the fact that hold no regard for human life is enough to make me sick, they cheered when told Rick Perry has murdered 235 people in Texas, they said people should be allowed to die if they didn’t have health insurance and they cheered the death of a man who MAY have been innocent. I’m an atheist and if there is a hell I will save you people who cheer death a nice room when I get there, but I will NEVER vote for you or your candidate again.

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