Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Palin V Bachmann

So we keep hearing that Michele Bachmann and Sarah Palin are the same, that if Palin entered the presidential race she would take away from Mr. Bachmann. As an independent here is my thoughts on the two women who would be president (all jokes about them aside), here is how I think they compare and why they are not even close to being the same.

Mrs. Bachmann has served the people who elected her into office while Mrs. Palin quit on the people of Alaska to jump on a bus and make millions of dollars. While I don’t agree with most of what Bachmann represents she stands by her beliefs and even when the world is against her she will not budge on those beliefs no matter how far out they are. Sarah Palin while she has her beliefs has no problems changing them to fit what she thinks the people want to hear or even worse just so she can say that she is against what the President believes. On this issue Mrs. Bachmann is hands down the winner.

I am not a religious person but having quit my job and giving up everything I own to take care of my disabled father the last 8 years there is nothing more important in my mind then family. While I can not judge these two women on what they believe and how Christ like they are I can look at how they treat their own family. Michele Bachmann has raised her own kids and has had several foster children, while she likes to point this out she does not parade them on stage or whore them out in hopes of getting votes. Half term Gov. Sarah Palin has no problem using her children as props and parading them out in front of the world, while I’m sure she loves her children it looks like they are more important to her as pawns in her game of politics. Michele Bachman is hands down the better person here again.

How do they stack up when it comes to being a team player? Michele Bachman announced she is running for president and has stood toe to toe with the likes of Mitt Romney, Rick Perry, Ron Paul etc. Mrs. Palin has danced around and instead of fighting for the republicans she has don her best to destroy them. When Mitt Romney announced he was running she made sure to be in the same state and steal all the news from him, again when Perry decided he was running she jumped back on the bus and tried stealing his headlines. This make her a media whore and not a team player by any ones definition.

I doubt Sarah Palin will run for president but she can not announce it yet while there is attention to be grabbed and money to be made. Mrs. Palin is all about Mrs. Palin and doesn’t care who she ruins or steals the spotlight from. She will run out the clock then hold the candidates hostage to get her support again making it all about me, me, me. Say what you want about Michele Bachmann policies or her obvious dislike for gay people and the poor but she is a team player and by far and away the better politician and better person then Sarah Palin.

Would she get my vote? Hell no but as a politician and someone who sticks to her guns I respect Mrs. Bachmann and respect is something Mrs. Palin will never have from me.

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