Thursday, August 11, 2011

Who killed the American Dream

   What is the American dream? As a child we would jump in the car and take a family vacation to Sea World or Cedar Point, it was the one time of year where we could all be together and not have any worries. That was about 30 years ago when the dream was to own a home, have a car and raise a family, it seems like a lifetime ago, forget owning a home or family vacations, today you are lucky if you can afford to die without leaving a huge financial hit to your family.
   So when did it all change? The answer to that question is simple, about 30 years ago America elected the worst president in the great history of our country. His decisions would lead to the destruction of the middle class and his terrible choices would be felt for years to come. In 1980 the people of this great country decided to elect Ronald Reagan, a charismatic leader who they thought could put America back on the right track. While he made many, many mistakes here are just a few that would change the course of our history forever.
   Trickle down economics, he gave huge tax cuts to the richest Americans with the belief that they would pass the money around. While the theory was sound he didn’t account for greed and instead of passing the money around the rich just used it to get richer while the poor suffered. For 30 year the working class and poor have stayed that way while the rich just keep getting richer. With the price of everything going up Americans could no longer afford to have only one parent work and the Nuclear family was destroyed, now both parents had to work just to be able to lead the same lifestyle that they led just 10 years earlier. The tax breaks blew a huge hole in the money the government received causing America to become a debt nation.

 While the economic policy was a nail in the coffin of the American middle class his foreign policy while applauded at the time would come back to bite him and the rest of the world in the ass. While he is credited with the downfall of the Soviet Union many educated people think they where on the verge of falling and he was just lucky enough to be the man in charge when it happened. While he spent trillions of dollars that the government didn’t have to build the biggest army in the world he was afraid to use it and that to would come back to haunt us. Again here are just a few of his foreign policy decisions that effect us today.
He cut and ran from Lebanon when soldiers started to die, showing the world that we where weak and that when push came to shove we would cut and run. President Reagan then oversaw the sale of weapons to Iran, the money from the sale was then funded into terrorists hands, making one wonder if the weapons Iran is giving to people killing Americans are the same weapons that Mr. Reagan put in their hands? While those events where bad, his worst decisions wouldn’t be felt for years after he left office.
Iraq was becoming a threat to it’s own people and the people in the middle east, after attacks on his own people the world wanted Saddam Hussein out of power as the dictator, the whole world except of course for the American president who not only stood by Mr. Hussein he sent people with gifts to show his support. While the Soviet Union was fighting in Afghanistan it was our policy to not get involved, if only we had stuck with that policy. The USA decided to arm a small group of afgan fighters to help defeat the Soviet union, with the help of the Americans the group was able to defeat the Soviets. The man that we decided to aid in the fight was Osama Bin Laden, we aided him with weapons and training and after he won the war the first thing that America he asked for help in rebuilding his country. Rather then admit we helped them win the war and to rebuild we turned our back on them. Who would have know the man we where once allies with would plan and execute the worst attack on American soil, leading us into war in a country we where allies with and helped just 15 years earlier. The attack by Bin Laden and the horrible policies by the Bush administration lead us into two wars and cost us trillions of dollars and thousands of lives, all of which could have been prevented if the great Ronald Reagan was even a competent leader.

  This doesn’t even take into account his horrible record on AIDS, financial regulations, immigration policy that made millions of illegal aliens legal and other issues that history has shown him on the wrong side of. If you want to know when the American dream died look no further then Mr. Reagan, he may not have killed it but had a big hand in its demise. If you look at almost all the problems we are facing today the majority can be traced back to bad decisions made by the Republican president in the 1980’s, the man who many of the republican party today see as their idol and role model.

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  1. Amen. Felt good at first, because Reagan was spending gobs of money while cutting revenue. It fooled us long enough to lead our country down the wrong path. Now I hope we can find our way out of the woods and restore the American dream that was lost for our generation.