Wednesday, August 17, 2011


   "Fair and Balanced" is the tag line for one of the highest rated "news" networks in America, but is it true?

Since they where the first network to call the 2000 presidential election for George W. Bush after most Americans went to bed believing that Al Gore would be the president of the United States Fox News has seen their ratings grow as well as their critics. Those on the left believe Fox is owned by the republican party and will lie, cheat and steal to destroy democrats but is this true?

Can you call yourself a “news” network when you not only fire an employee for refusing to go along with a lie and made up story but then fighting in court for the right to make up the “news”. That’s what happened in Florida where a Fox affiliate went tp court against a whistleblower and argued they had the right to not tell the truth and make up news. In the end the whistleblower lost and the court ruled in favor of Fox saying the Federal Communications Commission position against news distortion is only a “policy,” not a promulgated law, rule, or regulation. So they had their day in court and claimed the first amendment gave them the right to lie on the news and the court agreed with them. There goes the honest “news” network.
 “Fair and Balanced” is their mantra but is it true? That is the easiest question to answer, just watch their network for a couple hours and unless you are watching Shepard Smith, it’s easy to see that the network is FAR from fair and even less balanced. Look at some of the lies that they keep telling over and over and allow their guests to say without ever correcting them, some of the worst ones are.

Obama is a Muslim - this has been repeated by many hosts/guests for years and who can forget the “terrorist fist bump”

Obama wasn’t born in America - this was covered for the first couple years and none of the people on Fox would ever challenge their guests on the facts.

Eric Bolling said that terrorists attacks didn’t happen before Obama and that “he doesn’t remember any terrorist attacks between 2000-2008” guess 9/11 didn’t happen

The network often points out that President Obama is Black including having Dana Perino say "This White House, of all White Houses should not be making fun of (John) Boehner's tan.” Meaning What?

I don’t remember them attacking Sarah Palin for quitting her job half way through or calling her out on any of the lies she told, no they give her a job and never challenge her on any of her lies. You never hear them calling out Rick Perry, Michelle Bachmann or anyone else but they spend all day spewing republican talking points and attacking President Obama on Race, Religion or anything he does.

The biggest lie they spread is that the media is liberal and they are the balance, all you have to do is turn on CNN or MSNBC and you will see both sides of the story, it is common for NBC anchors attacking the democrats if they do not agree with them which is something you will not see Fox News doing, they don’t attack republicans they give them jobs.

Bottom line is simple

IF you think Fox News is fair and the rest are liberal then it’s obvious you support the tea party and have never voted for anyone other then republicans. Maybe you should spend some time learning the real facts not the fox facts

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