Friday, August 12, 2011

Solutions for America

While I don't expect politicians to take their job serious if they want a plan that will upset everyone at the same time have things that make everyone happy here is my plan to fix America (yes it is broken).


  This is the easiest thing to fix, first personal taxes

Take income - subtract 20K dollars that is what you owe taxes on, no deductions and no credits 
Stock options count as income, otherwise stock purchase/sales are not taxed
Stock dividends are counted as income

New tax rates
0$-50K$ = 5%
50K-100K = 10%
100K - 250K = 15%
250K - 5Million = 20%
5Million and up 25%

Corporate taxes are even easier, take your profits no deductions and no credits and lower the rate to

18% if more then 60% of workforce is outside the country
15% if More then 60% of workforce is in America

Inheritance tax 20% on cash/stock over 1 million dollars homes, property etc. excluded for tax

Medicaid - do away with, there is no need for this program

Medicare - Expand it to any American who chooses to buy in for 6% of their income for person or 8% for family, kids of people making less then 20K a year are included for free. Seniors with net worths over 500K dollars have the option to opt out with the agreement they can not buy back in when they get sick. Adding millions of healthy people to the role will help pay the bills for the sick/disabled 

Prescription program -allow Medicare to negotiate with drug companies to save the American people money

Welfare - put a 2 year cap on the program, every person deserves the help for their first child or if they lose their job but we should not be paying for people to keep having children or who choose not to work.  You receive assistance for the first child but if you choose to have another one the responsibilty is on you.

Social Security - raise the cap that SS "taxes" are paid from 100K to 1Million, means test and anyone worth over 1 million dollars or who chooses not to receive SS will not get any gov. help. Slowly raise the retirement age for HEALTHY people by 3 months a year after 2035 until it reaches the life expectancy - 10 years.

                                                                      Cutting Spending
Military - 5% decrease in military spending each year for next 4 years, after 2013 when a politician votes to go to war they must also approve a 10% war tax to pay for it, if we are going to use the military then every American must be willing to make sacrifices.

Dept of Homeland Security - would do away with the program, allow the CIA, FBI etc to do their jobs and appoint the VP as the head of national defense who can be the go between with all the federal agencies when there is a problem or threat. DHS is a huge waste of money and was only created because one administration couldn't put 2 and 2 together.

Dept. of Education - would do away with the federal version and allow the states to handle their own departments, put more pressure on the states to solver their education problems.

Cut 3% from EVERY government program and use it to rebuild America, put it aside so that it can be used to rebuild roads, bridges, electric lines etc. both putting people back to work and helping make America great again.

Put a cap on money they are allowed to use for travel, dinner, rent etc before they have to pay out of their own pockets, Cut their paid staff by 15% and limit the amount of employees they can have.

ANY raise or change in benefits MUST be voted on by the American people, they work for us so we get to decide if they get a raise or no.

Those are just some of the simple yet painfull solutions they can do, not many people would be happy but I believe it would really change the direction of America

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