Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Bill O'reilly and Fox News a dangerous combination

Watching the O’reilly factor of Fox News, he has finally crossed the line. He has told so many lies and made up so many facts that even he doesn’t know when he’s lying. On last nights show we saw a hint of racism, an outright lie and several right wing talking points.

It started with Mr. O’reilly claiming that the people on Wall Street are there to promote socialism and that the movement was started by George Soros and the many unions who are now supporting it. From the people I’ve seen and talked to who support the movement, they are there wanting equality and fairness and not socialism. They just want a fair playing field, one where rich people pay their fair share of taxes and are held accountable for their actions. The rich and powerful own the politicians in Washington DC and have used their money and influence to rewrite the tax codes and get billions of dollars in handouts. Fox seems to have a problem with socialism when it helps the poor but are all for it when it helps the big oil companies or Wall Street Bankers.

Then he talked about the crash of 2008 and the only person he blamed was an African American who was in charge of one of the Wall Street banks, he ignored Dick Fuld and others who did the same trading. Then he told his guests that no laws where broken on Wall Street leading up to the collapse, even though several things have come to light since then. The banks had many fraudulent loans, and several thousand robo signed loans. We don’t know how many laws where broken and by who since there really has never been a true investigation of the Wall Street CEOs. To pick out one of the few African American bankers and ambush him, blaming him for the crash is not only wrong but just another sign of Mr. O’reillys hatred towards minorities.

The final straw came when he got on the subject of poverty in America, he claimed it is not bad and that the majority of people who are living below the poverty level are only doing so because they have a drug problem and choose drugs over work. He said that 15% of people live in poverty but 9% of the population has a substance abuse problem, leading his viewers to believe that with his math only 6% of people are poor. Even if it was true 6% of the population living in poverty is both wrong and immoral for one of the richest nations in the world. I guess in his mind that only poor people do drugs, even though testing in Florida has proven that the drug abuse rate is lower among poor people then the general population. Only 2% of people who lived below the poverty level and needed assistance tested positive for drugs, far below the 9% average. Again, like with the racist comments, this is a pattern for Mr. O’reilly, he has always said that people choose to be homeless and that homeless vets don’t exist.

I would like to think that Mr. O’reilly is just spouting right wing talking points, like all the other shows on his network, but have a feeling he believes these things. This was just one half of one show on Oct. 11th 2011, this doesn’t even mention his previous statements. He claims to be a fighter against sexual predators but has said that sometimes young girls are asking for it and he himself has been sued for being a predator himself. The worst case against this hypocrite is when after years of calling an abortion doctor a baby killer and saying he needed to be stopped, someone took a gun and stopped the man.

Even with the death of Dr. Tiller “the baby killer” Fox News and this host never learned and still continue their hate filled dialogue. It would be funny if so many people didn’t take them serious and live off their every word. Bill O’reilly is a hypocrite at best and a dangerous person at worst, I think he is just someone who will say anything for money no matter who it hurts. I just hope no one else has to die before these “journalists” realize that their words matter.

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