Sunday, October 23, 2011

Over Regulated

There is one party in Washington DC whose regulations are helping to destroy this once great country, and of course I’m talking about the Republicans. This party who is calling for the repeal of regulations that stop the corporations from destroying our air and water, and allowing them to become so big that if they fail the whole country will collapse yet they love to regulate the lives of average Americans.

The GOP wants less taxes and less regulation so that companies can do what they choose with their money, even if it means risking the health of children. After all the more money the companies can keep the more money they can spend on the politicians that write their rules. While the party that wants most companies to spend their money as they choose they don’t think that the post office should be run that way. A law passed by the republicans and signed into law by President George Bush forces the post office to fund their retirement for the next 75 years. This costs the USPS at least 5 billion dollars a year and forces them to run a deficit instead of making a profit. The only good reason that they would do this is so they could say that the post office is losing money and then try to sell it off and have it run by private companies like Fed Ex and UPS. They believe that the Gov. shouldn’t be involved in any business and will do anything they can to prove that, even if it means costing millions of people jobs to prove it. If this regulation is needed then why didn’t they demand it for every company in the United States and not just the post office?

While they want to let the corporations and Wall Street run free they have no problem regulating the lives of people. Since winning big in 2010 they have passed many anti-abortion laws at both the state and federal level of government, laws that will make abortion almost illegal and in the latest law even put the health of the mother at risk to save the fetus. Abortion law was settled years ago but the religious right will not allow them to put the issue to bed. The irony is the pro life party is also in favor of the death penalty and against helping the poor and needy. They will fight tooth and nail to protect a fetus but after your born, your on your own.
A small provision that was tacked onto the defense spending bill in 2006, this was done so that online gambling would become impossible to do and was added to the defense bill so if the Democrats voted against it the GOP could cry “they don’t support our troops”. It’s our money but they have a problem of how we spend it, if I work 80 hours a week and wanted to sit down and spend 20.00 playing poker online that should be my choice.

The GOP even makes its way into our bedrooms, even though they could not stop the military and President Barack Obama from ending DADT they are still doing everything they can to prevent gay people from leading normal lives. From wanting a constitutional amendment making it illegal for gay people to get married to not wanting them to serve in the military the republican party thinks it’s fine to discriminate against gay and lesbian people. Coming from the group who fought to keep slaves and tried all they could to prevent civil rights it’s not a surprise the GOP has gotten a reputation of being the party of rich white men. All you need to know about their thoughts on these issues is listen to Jim DeMint who said “sexually active
single women and gays cannot teach because their morals don’t follow Old Testament regulations”

The GOP always cries that the government should not get between you and your doctor, anyone remember Terry Schiavo? When her husband wanted to pull the plug the republicans tried to use pass laws so he couldn’t, if that’s not the gov. between you and your doctor nothing is. They have no problem with a fat cat sitting in a million dollar office telling your doctor that you can not have the surgery you need because it will effect his ability to buy a new boat. More Americans die from the decisions of health care providers each year then killed by terrorists but it’s legal.

Politicians are corrupt, as long as oil, coal and health care companies give them billions of dollars they will continue to put the American people health, happiness and freedoms second. To the republican party it’s ok for Exxon to spill millions of barrels of oil, killing thousands of animals and putting thousands of peoples lives at risk, as long as Johnny can not marry Joe, or 12 year Jenny can not abort the fetus she got after being raped uncle or father. In America those who have the money make the rules and until the rest of us wake up and fight back we will have to live with them.

I for one don’t care if two girls get married and I don’t even care about the debt, I would rather leave my children a world where they could go outside and play or drink a glass of water without getting sick. Am I for deregulation? DAMN RIGHT I AM, but for the deregulation of people lives not of the companies who are raping the environment for profits or putting the nation at risk with their banking schemes.

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