Friday, October 28, 2011

The uncovered Bush crimes

After spending the last couple months hearing the GOP cry that there needs to be investigations into many of the Obama administrations programs it makes me wonder where these same people where just a few years earlier. I believe that the Government needs to be held accountable, but is it to much to ask for fairness and integrity? Below is a long list of things that could have and should have been investigated under the last republican president, but because the oversight was also done by republicans not much was done in congress and of course it wasn’t covered by the right wing media propaganda networks.

The first thing that should have gotten a real investigation was Sept. 11th 2001, not if the government was behind it but just the true facts of what really happened. The worst attack on American soil and the two most powerful men in the country never had to explain what they knew, when they knew or if it should have been prevented. They did testify before for the 9/11 report but it was a total media blackout, they where not under oath, there where no notes and the investigators could not talk to the media. Since that horrible attack we have learned that there where over a dozen warning that it would happen, including one given directly to the president entitled “Bin Laden set to attack in United States” all of which where ignored. Less money was spent on this investigation then on the sex life of Bill Clinton, and at least Clinton had to testify on the record.
After 9/11 the media refused to cover any negative stories about George Bush, this media blackout made it so most Americans didn’t hear of Margie Schoedinger, a Texan who accused Mr. Bush of rape and other sexual crimes in 2002. This story go no coverage except for a small local newspaper, in September of 2003 the young women allegedly killed herself, putting a convenient end to the story. Did Bush commit this crime, we will never know now and like many things the media covered it all up.

Not one but two people arrested for funding terrorists and aiding Bin Laden where linked to Grover Norquist one of Karl Roves good friends. Yes that Grover, the never tax anyone pledge guy, he is linked to Alamoudi and Sami Al-Arian and some people believe that it’s because of their connections to Mr. Norquist and the white house that they didn’t get prosecuted right away. It wasn’t until John Loftus had made his attention clear to go after these to men for funding terrorists that the white house took action. Why was the action on these 2 men not taken earlier, was it because of their connections in Washington? We won’t know because again it wasn’t investigated.

Torture, you can argue on both sides if the Bush administration broke the law by their treatments of prisoners, what you can not defend is their breaking of the law by destroying the evidence. Even after being told not to destroy video tapes of the torture they went ahead and did it anyway, breaking an order by the court and destroying the evidence. This coming after the announcement that the administration destroyed emails that by law should be kept as a matter of record. We will never know because like the other laws that where broken, this also was never investigated by the congress, or any other government organization and not covered much on the news.

This just follows a large history of scandals and doesn’t even mention the illegal outing of a CIA agent, The invasion of Iraq, putting children in prison without a lawyer or family member because they where labeled terrorists, illegal phone hacking and many, many more. Why didn’t the media cover this? It wasn’t because of 9/11 since he had many scandals as Gov. of Texas that the media never covered including insider trading, he knowingly perjured himself in an investigation and when he was caught stopped the investigation and fired the investigator.

The media ignored all these stories, maybe if they did their job we would never have went into Iraq, and if the stories are true about President Bush being offered Bin Laden by Afghanistan after the Sept.11th attack we wouldn’t be in that war either. It appears the media only really puts time into covering democratic “scandals” like Bill Clinton or Anthony Weiner while ignoring republican scandals like all the Bush/Cheney or even David Vitter. If for some reason the media covers one of the republican scandals they are blown off as “liberal” media trying to destroy a republican. The liberal media lie that they have managed to make mainstream has helped them avoid any scrutiny and allowed them to do as they please with no worries about payback. Until politicians are held accountable by the people in their own party or the public, nothing will change and we will continue to be led by thieves, liars and outright criminals.

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