Friday, October 21, 2011

GOP Greatest Lies

There are many lies that are told by the political parties, while many are exposed right away as lies there are a few that have caught on and keep getting repeated over and over. This is just my take on a few of the big lies the GOP keeps telling but never get called on them.

1. TAXES - Can not tax the “job creators” because a poor person never created any jobs. Poor people don’t create jobs? Tell that to Sam Walton, Bill Gates and Steve Jobs all of them started with very little and became some of the richest most influential men in America. In fact it can be argued they hired more people when they where poor then they have after they became rich, after their companies took off they did more outsourcing and laying off American workers. The small business creates jobs is another lie used to keep taxes from being raised, most small businesses only hire when they lose an employee, new businesses create jobs. The final tax lie is that we have the highest corporate tax in the world, on paper yes but most companies don’t pay close to that and some of the biggest companies like Exxon, Bank of America and GE not only pay no taxes but get money from the government.

2. Trickle Down Economics - Made famous in the 1980’s by Ronald Reagan, it is still the GOP main belief today. The theory is that if you allow rich people to keep more of their money they will use it to give raises, benefits to their employees and everyone will make profits. It is this theory which George Bush called “voodoo economics” that have created huge debts while allowing the rich to get richer and the rest of us to get poorer. Since the inception of this policy we have went from a nuclear family to one where both parents have to work and still have trouble surviving. The middle class has seen their wages drop while the costs of food, insurance and everything else has risen for the last 30 years and after the 30 year experiment I think it’s pretty well proven that trickle down doesn’t work and leads to greater wealth disparity then ever before.

3. Regulation esp. of Wall Street is costing jobs - The best example of this is the Glass Steagall act which was put in place after the great depression and worked to keep America from collapse for over 50 years. It was repealed in 1999 under president Bill Clinton and speaker of the house Newt Gingrich and it took less then 8 years after the removal for a great recession to hit and bring us the term “to big to fail” banks. It is because of lack of regulation we have giant oil spills, large outbreaks of food poisoning, and banking collapses that will destroy the world financial institutions. Yes regulations do cost money and do costs jobs but in the long run they save lives and money.

4. The Liberal Media - this is the same “liberal” media who didn’t ask any questions after 9/11, didn’t question why America was committing a trillion dollars and tens of thousands of lives to Iraq by allowing George Bush to link Saddam Hussein to 9/11 and WMD. They didn’t demand an investigation into the outing of a CIA agent, a major felony bordering on treason or any other scandals that could have been investigated. The news media is owned by large corporations and are in business to make money, they don’t cover any real stories that might offend anyone. The media is not liberal it’s capitalist, if it makes them money they would support anyone.

5. We have the greatest health care in the world - YES IF YOU ARE RICH, for the rest of us the health care system is not even close to being good let alone great. We spend more then any other country and have more sick people, lower life expectancy and horrible infant mortality rates. If you are lucky enough to have good health insurance then you might thing our system is great, if you get dumped by the insurance companies when you get sick or they just flat out refuse to cover you then the system is not so great. More Americans die each year from the decisions of health companies then die at the hands of terrorists, yet we spend trillions to fight the terrorists and give handouts to the health insurance companies. If I poison someone I got to jail or get the electric chair, if a health company CEO denies life saving surgery or treatment to help his bottom line he is a “capitalist” and good business man. The fact that in America we use people health to make money is sick and just wrong, countries like Canada may not have better doctors or hospitals then America but at least they don’t have 40K people a year die because they don’t have access to them.

I’m sure I missed more but those are the 5 off of the top of my head, I could have went with the Tea party being grass roots even though it was founded by the Koch brothers and Fox News but that is to obvious and doesn’t seem as important as the 5 above. Notice a pattern in the five I listed? They all benefit the rich at the expense of the hard working Americans who built this country.

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