Sunday, November 20, 2011

My Constitutional Amendment

They are trying to change the constitution to add a balanced budget amendment, while it’s a good idea it will do nothing to fix Washington and the real problem - CORRUPT POLITIANS. Instead of a balanced budget amendment how about one that reforms the real problem. If I was to change the constitution it would be to add the following.

Elections day every two years will be a national holiday so everyone has the chance to vote and no laws will be passed that will prevent even 1 person who is of legal age from voting. Presidential elections must have a standard ballot as it is for the highest office in the land and for a national office so standards and ballot should be same for everyone.

Elected officials will have term limits with Congress getting a maximum of 3 terms in office, senate and president getting 2 terms in office max.

Any new legislation must be posted at least 72 hours before a vote is taken and all politicians that have received money from any company or companies involved in legislation must make public within 24 hours of casting their vote the amount of money they have received as from said organizations including campaign donations, lobbying money or any money they have invested in the companies. The public needs to know if there is a reason said politicians are voting the way they are other then the “public” interest.
Supreme Court judges must make public any gifts of cash or property they have received from anyone who has or may have a case before the court. These judges will be held to the same legal standard as all other federal judges and can be removed from the bench if they break ethics or federal laws.

Any politician is not allowed to lobby the government for a period of 10 years after leaving office nor allowed to work for any company they regulate while in office for a period of 2 years. If a politician goes to work for any company they have regulated or supported legislation that may have benefited said company then a full review must be done by an independent council if any favors where exchanged.

Finally politicians shall only be paid the average median income of the American workers and any pay increases and benefit increases shall be put up for vote by We The People who are the true employers of said politicians. In time of war politicians shall not have a higher yearly salary then soldiers who they have voted to send to war and must either increase the soldiers pay to match theirs or take pay cut to match the soldiers. Each politicians will be given one paid intern except the three leaders in each party who may have up to 5 paid employees, any other interns or employees shall not be paid. Each politician will be allotted a certain amount of money to pay travel expenses or any other fees associated with their job and if they exceed that amount are responsible to compensate the American Tax Payer.

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