Sunday, February 12, 2012

Republicans have a record and it's hate

I hear conservatives crying that they are portrayed as uncaring about most Americans and the earth, they often mock those comments so lets take a look at their voting records and see how much they care.

Voting Record on Women

In 2010 republicans voted unanimously to not give women equal pay/rights in the workforce as men, this is no surprise since they have been fighting equal rights for women for over 50 years.

They voted to redefine rape as “forcible rape” and if you where drugged, didn’t fight back hard enough or where young and raped by a relative it did not qualify as rape and if you chose not to have the attackers baby getting an abortion would be next to impossible.

Abortion Audits - A women could not use tax credits to buy insurance that would cover abortion and if they did have one they need to prove it was because of forcible rape/incest or to save their lives. This would turn the IRS into the abortion police.

In Oct 2011 they passed the “Let women die” bill that would allow hospitals to refuse an abortion even it it meant that the mother would die.

When you add all this to the republicans fight to take away funding from planned parenthood, the UNFPA and other organizations that protect women and offer care It’s pretty obvious that they think Women are second class citizens who need to have their vagina and uterus regulated and don’t deserve equal pay or rights as men.

Voting Record on Gays

They want the language stripped from the “Violence against women act” that would protect gays and transgender people and are willing to kill the bill just to get it. They don’t want gays to be protected form domestic violence or other crimes.

They fought to their last breath to prevent gays from serving openly in the military and have said many many times that as soon as they return to power they will overturn this and start throwing gay people out of the military again.

They are almost unanimous in their distain for “gay marriage” even though the definition of marriage has been changed multiple times over the years. Using the same arguments that they used to try and fight against interracial marriage they have claimed it will “ruin” marriage. To many Americans it’s a civil rights issue and that it’s time gay people start getting fair treatment.

Again I think it’s pretty obvious that they not only dislike the gay population but consider them a second class citizen who do not deserve the same rights as every other American.

Record on the Poor, Minorities and Seniors

This doesn’t take a lot of time to see what they think of these 2 groups. They are passing “voter fraud” laws all over the country that will restrict the rights of many Americans - mostly poor, black and old to vote. There are very few convictions for voter fraud and the majority of convictions are republicans so this is a ruse to suppress the vote total using the fear card.

While they passed a Medicare drug expansion they didn’t pay for it and added trillions of debt onto the Medicare program and as we can see it wasn’t to help the seniors but was a huge handout to the drug companies who helped write the bill and worst of all is being used to kill Medicare. They added it as a way to help seniors knowing fair well that it would put stress on the system and they could later use that to try and end the program, which they are currently trying to do. They want to turn the program over to the free market insurance companies who will have the rights to deny coverage and refuse life saving surgery so they can make a profit. This will cost seniors both money and their lives and must be the “death panels” that Sarah Palin was talking about.

Republicans are passing anti-immigration laws all over the country that they believe will prevent illegals from coming here looking for work. Putting the pressure on the police to find them and then deport them they still refuse to put pressure and fines on companies that hire them. They forget that Ronald Reagan made millions of illegals legal and never did a thing to close the border or stop them from coming.

It looks like Blacks, Seniors, Poor people, Mexicans are all second class citizens in republicans eyes just like Women and gays. They may joke about being show as hating these groups but their voting record proves they don’t think these Americans deserve the same rights as their rich white friends. Until these groups get better lobbyists and start bribing (I’m sorry lobbying) republicans nothing will change.

This doesn’t even show how many anti-environment laws they have tried to pass that will poison the air and pollute the water all in the name of “free market” and for profits. They cry about the debt we put on our children yet have no interest in leaving them any clean air to breath or water to drink..

My final ruling on conservatives is they are --- Hypocrites at best, evil money hungry liars at worst

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