Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Brilliance Behind the Republican Party

Since Ronald Reagan the face of the republican party has always been that of down to home bumbling idiots or know nothings. Since Reagan we have had George Bush, Sarah Palin, Allen West and other republicans put in the spotlight reinforcing this stereotype. While the public face of the republican party has been that of know nothings it has all been a ruse to hide their true intentions and disastrous policies.

Ronald Reagan was the original guinea pig, his foreign policy was the worst of any president in the last 30 years, mainly because the puppets pulling his strings where the men and women of wall street. They used the threat of the cold war and protecting America from a fake threat to build up the military to record levels, while Americans where distracted with the threat of the Soviets and our need for a strong defense it was behind the scenes that the party was working to dismantle regulations, give huge handouts to the wealthiest companies and decimate the middle class. It was these policies that went unnoticed even as taxes where being raised on middle class families and the American dream was under attack.

While Reagan was the test run it was under President George W. Bush in 2001 that the foundation was laid to decimate the middle class and safety nets at the expense of the rich and powerful puppeteers. After September 11th 2001 it was all out war with only one side fighting it was over before it started. The middle class had been defeated and the ruling class had become permanent, the whole time they acted and still do like any American can make it and become one of the rich ruling class even though few if any ever will. Unlike the previous puppet president this time both the military industrial complex and the wall street corporate crowd started pulling the strings and running the country.

After September 11th 2001 the military was used to invade Afghanistan, there is reason for and against this war and it was the start of people getting rich off the lives of young men and women sent in to die for this country. When not enough money could be made out of Afghanistan the decision was made to invade Iraq, this stretched our military thin and would require the use of private armies like Halliburton or KBR. Now instead of paying soldiers to do simple tasks we where paying private contractors 10 to 100 times as much to do the jobs that our military used to do. People have always gotten rich off of war but until this time it had never been so obvious.

With most Americans panicked after the attacks it was the perfect time to finish off regulations, Wall Street was allowed to run wild, corporations wrote their own environmental laws and the government was used to squash any real competition. The Casino industry saw online gambling and online poker as a threat to their profits so the republican party made it illegal to fund any online poker sites, did they pass this bill so Americans would know and could voice their opinions? NO they attached it to a military spending bill so that if anyone voted against it they could claim “you don’t support our troops” and with Americans terrified no one wanted that label.

Then came the two most insidious bills ever passed, while both seemed good at the time and where promoted as helping the working man the idea behind them was not that simple. First the republican party passed regulations on the post office that they had to fund the pensions for the next 75 years, they had to fund it for employees who where not even born yet and while they touted this a great legislation the post office is the only company in America who has these regulations. Did they do this to help the postal workers or seniors who retired? Again no they did it to dismantle the post office. The post office had been making a profit and was fully self sufficient, this regulation decimated the profits and put them in debt. Now that they are in debt the republicans are crying the post office is an example of why the Government can not run a business and trying to gut it by closing doors and dropping weekend delivery, laying off thousand of workers and cutting the benefits of others.

While what they did to the post office was bad what they did to seniors was pure evil, they allowed the drug companies to write a prescription plan for Medicare that would allow seniors to get medicine. The only catch was that Medicare could not negotiate prices with the drug companies or buy in bulk like they do in other countries to save money, and they left a huge hole that cost seniors thousands each year. This was done to “help” seniors but like everything they did the last 10 years it was not paid for and added a 7 trillion dollar strain on the program and the national debt. If you don’t agree with Medicare it was a brilliant plan, strain it to the point it breaks then say the government can not run healthcare. This is allowing the republican party to try and destroy the program for seniors and gives them an argument against universal healthcare. They knew when they passed it that it would put a strain on and break the back of the Medicare program and that’s what it did, now they can blame it on everyone else and hope no one looks behind the curtain to see who is pulling the strings.

Since Democrats took over Washington the puppeteers have moved to the state level and are using Governors like Scott Walker as their puppets to pass their radical agendas, if Mitt Romney takes the white house in 2012 we can expect them to move back up to the national level and we will see more of the same from the right wing puppet president including Tax Cuts, deregulation, wars and the end of Social Security and Medicare and if people start to question what is going on we will have a national security issue to distract us from the truth or will invade Iran or another country.

The most ingenious thing the people in power did was run up huge debt so when they lost control they could rally their base that we “can not afford it”. Because of the debt spending that needs to be paid for Iraq, Afghanistan wars, tax cuts, Medicare Part D and other programs passed under Republican they say we no longer have the money and have to gut welfare programs to help the poorest citizens. These plans where true evil genius and they way the executed was to perfection. They distracted America with bumbling idiots while the real power worked behind the scenes and until people wake up and look behind the curtain these people will continue to pull the strings and destroy America as we know it..

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