Saturday, August 11, 2012

Welcome to Republican America

It’s not hard to figure out what America will look like if Mitt Romney becomes the next president of the United States and republicans keep control of the house and win the senate. With Paul Ryan as the Vice President the picture has become even more clearer. Here is what we can look forward to

Their plan for lowering healthcare costs are to go back to the “free” market and then make Medicare a voucher program giving seniors the money to buy their own private insurance. They are complaining about the price of Medicare right now but it is rising at a lower rate then private health insurance, adding millions of sick and elderly will need to be paid for somehow and that will be by the price of insurance going up at even faster paces. They plan to do away with Obamacare so now insurance companies will be able to drop people who get sick or have pre-existing conditions, that means they will not have to take sick seniors and it will leave us with two choices, we can either put them on a government program or let them die. If we put them on a government program it will be worse then Medicare because the health seniors will be on private insurance and only the sickest will be left on the Government dime. This plan will cost private insurance to skyrocket, increase the Debt and bankrupt seniors.

They want to take away birth control from health insurance policies, make abortion illegal and finally cut funding for food stamps and Medicaid. So if you young daughter is at a party and gets drunk, like say Bristol Palin, she will be forced to have the child. When the child is born she will be forced to either put it up for adoption or dropping out of school to get a job to support the child. Any job they can get will not pay very well and will not allow them to feed or cloth the child. This will lead to many more sick and starving children and we already have one of the worst infant mortality rates in the world. Not to mention who will pay for all the doctors visits and the hospital stay to give birth to your child?

My favorite is Sean Hannity crying that liberals say “conservatives want dirty water and dirty air”, they say it because it’s true Mr. Hannity In the first year that republicans took control of the house they voted 191 times to lower environmental standards They voted 27 times to overrule the EPA and say that global warming is not harmful human health or the environment. Republicans voted 77 times to gut the clean air act including to stop the EPA from regulating mercury as dangerous. Think clean water is important, they voted 28 times to gut the clean water act including blocking the EPA from regulating toxins companies could dump into the water. The final straw was when they voted to decide on a “cost benefits analysis” if allowing a company to pollute was worth the know health risks of people so a company can make profits.

They want to lower taxes and “expand the base” which is republican for charge poor people more taxes. They like to tell a lie that most Americans don’t pay taxes but they do pay their fair share in Payroll Tax, Gas Tax, Sales Tax, State Taxes, Property Taxes, School Taxes etc. The plan to lower the rates also includes getting rid of some “loopholes” but they voted against getting rid of the ones for oil companies and big business so that only leaves the ones for middle class like tax credit, marriage credit, mortgage deduction. While they won’t raise the rates of poor or middle class people they will raise the taxes and have to in order to pay for the rate cuts of the upper 10% and keep giving handouts to their friends at Exxon or Goldman Sachs.

This is just a sample of what they will do to America, look at Mississippi and imagine 49 more of them. We will drop even further in poverty, starvation, healthcare but will still have the strongest military in the world. Just don’t ask the rich to pay for the military or god forbid serve the country they got rich off of.

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