Friday, September 6, 2013

Hypocrisy of Republicans on Benghazi

For a year now republicans and their propaganda network have screamed Benghazi, Benghazi, Benghazi like Jan Brady crying Marsha, Marsha, Marsha and like Jan they have no evidence for their temper tantrum. They have started twitter hash tags #Benghazi and #JusticeForBenghazi4 but when you ask them what kind of justice and what was illegal you get no serious response just Fox News talking points.

There have been over a dozen investigations including multiple by republican witch hunter Darrell Issa and the only thing they have uncovered is incompetence with no cover ups or crimes. Don’t get me wrong the death of four American’s is tragic but the exploitation of those deaths by republicans borders on political at best and hypocrites at worst. Lets look at history of GOP when it comes to investigations and tragedy -


April 18 - a bomb goes off killing 63 people in Beirut Lebanon including 17 Americans. The President at the time called it a “Cowardly Act” instead of investigating and dragging the republican president through the mud the democrats did the right thing and gave the president 250 million for aid to Lebanon to help keep American’s safe.

Oct 23 - after ignoring calls to remove Americans from a dangerous Lebanon another attack came on US interests leading to the death of 241 more Americans in Beirut. In response to this attack America stood down while the French ran bombing missions against the people believed behind the attack. America did not respond to the deaths of over 300 Americans except with strong words and finally pulled all Americans out of Lebanon in a few months.

So we had 1 attack costing 17 lives then after being warned of the danger Americans were left in place and another 241 were needlessly murdered while the President stood by and watched. No retaliation, no going after the terrorists who committed this act just cutting and running while the murderers walk free.

Congressional investigations - ZERO



Jan 22 2002 India = 5 deaths

Jun 14 2002 Karachi = 12 deaths

Oct 12 2002 Bali = 202 dead including 7 Americans

Feb 28 2002 Karachi (AGAIN) = 2 dead

July 30 s004 Uzbekistan = 2 dead

March 2 2006 Karachi (3rd time) = US Diplomat David Foy killed

Sept 12 2006 Damascus = 4 dead

Jan 12 2007 Grenade

March 18 2008 Sana’a = 19 dead

July 9 2008 Istanbul = 3 Dead

Sept 17 2008 Sana’a (again) = 16 dead including 2 Americans

11 embassy attacks, multiple deaths and ZERO investigations


So before President Obama an embassy attack was a horrific event and the dead were mourned, now it’s a crime and someone must be held accountable. What makes Obama different than President Reagan and Bush?


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