Tuesday, March 20, 2012

My Pledge for Politicians to sign

After seeing some of the insane pledges politicians sign I have decided to create my own. Will any politician agree to it? I’m guess not because while they want everyone else to sacrifice they aren’t willing to.

If Elected to political office I will

1. Represent the people of my district not my party - I will vote the way the people who put me in office think I should and not how the party wants me to.

2. Understand that I am elected to represent the people of my district and not to lead them. I am there to serve at their will and to not tell them how they should think or believe and will not force my values or beliefs on them.

3. Will not ask anyone else to sacrifice any more then I expect of myself. I will not demand that any government worker take a pay or benefits cut without first taking one myself.

4. not except government insurance program for myself or my family till every person I represent in my district has health care coverage themselves.

5. Not give any government money to any company that has been convicted of a felony or been accused of fraud or abuse of taxpayer money. I also will not give any money to government contracts that pay their mercenaries more then an American Soldier makes.

6. Vote to send anyone I represents child to die in a war that I am not willing to sacrifice myself or my own children for. If the reason for war is so important then every American must have skin in the game.

7. Hold myself to higher standards and will freely give any information about my voting record, spending or who I have meetings with to the people of my district and will hide no information.

8. Not demand anything of the public that I won’t do myself, if it is the best interest to drug test people before giving them welfare I to shall be available for random drug tests before receiving my pay.

9. Not spread falsehoods about the other party just to make myself or my party look better. If I get caught lying I will publicly apologize

10. Hold myself to high standards and if I do anything to bring attention to myself , family or district will immediately resign.

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