Friday, March 9, 2012

Time to disband the military?

This will probably cost me many, many twitter followers and get me some hate comments but I have never posted my thoughts or comments in hopes of making people happy. If I go from 2000 to 20 twitter followers and all I’m left with are porn bots and spam I will keep speaking my mind even thought it is rambling and all over the place I think my point comes across.

We spend almost a trillion dollars a year on military and I ask why, there are no real threats in the world to America that can be fought with a large military but as we have seen it can be used in evil ways. If any right win nuts read this they will say I’m calling our military evil and disrespecting our troops, but truth is I have the utmost respect for men and women in uniform it’s the assholes who give them orders that I have a problem with.

I keep hearing that the military keeps us safe and we can sleep better at night knowing they are out there, truth is I sleep just fine and still would if we didn’t have a trillion dollar military. At one time it was true that the military kept us safe and was used for good in the world especially during World War 1 and 2 but in the last 30 years they have done more harm then good.

The people in charge of the military have made bad decisions that have harmed America in more ways then any terrorist could going back to the Reagan years. After Hussein gassed and killed his own people the world wanted him out of power and that was the time that we could have got involved to help the people of Iraq and there are other parts of the world where genocide has taken place and we have just sit back and watched.

Ron Paul gets a lot of crap from the right wing for saying that Bin Laden and 9/11 was partially our fault but he is dead on. We have been butting into the middle east for many years and at one time, before we turned our back on him, Bin Laden was our ally. He and his group where armed and trained in the 80’s to defeat the soviets but after the war was over Reagan and the congress refused to help him and left him out to dry.

If Reagan had used the military to remove Hussein from power and continued to aid Osama Bin Laden we would not be in Iraq and Afghanistan right now. Today we see thousands of people including women and children get slaughtered in Syria and just sit by and watch while we spent millions in Libya to aid their people.

Instead of spending trillions on military to be at the beck and call of politicians, who most themselves never served or even have immediate family who will serve we should just have a military reserve. There is no serious threat of any country trying to invade America and if someone wants to strap on a bomb and blow up a building having a huge army won’t stop them.

We could protect the country for 1/10th of what we are spending now but until people realize that military spending is NOT defense spending things will never change. If we only had a reserve then they would only be part time soldiers until called upon and only to be called upon to defend America and not to be the world police. If an when we use them it should be for an important reason meaning that before congress votes or the president agrees to get the military involved they must be willing to either go themselves or send an immediate family member. If we still had the draft or instituted a 25% war tax then we would not be in Afghanistan or have never been in Iraq, if you ask every American to sacrifice then we will only get involved if it’s in our own best interest and not for oil or to solve an old family dispute.

So YES I respect the current men and women in uniform but I have no respect for the politicians who decide how to use them and are willing to throw thousands of lives away just to look tough. We beat the greatest army in the world with a bunch of farmers and businessmen and won the cold war without even firing a shot. Imagine the children we could feed or the poor people we could give healthcare to with the trillions we spend on the military.

Would I pick up a gun to defend this country if someone invaded? Hell Yes. Would I join the military and do the dirty work of these corrupt asshole politicians who use the army as a pissing contest to show how much of a tough guy they are? Hell No

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  1. Also worth noting that in a proper shooting war with a world class foe. The Chinese lets say. They have an army of geeks just waiting to flick the off switch that would enable the whole US Military machine which is dependent on computerisation. I'm confident a third world war will end without a shot being fired. Nice blog, good ranting. Stick to your guns, as it were. Cheers.