Saturday, December 28, 2013

9/11 Conspiracy Theories

If anyone watched how America handled the Iraq and Afghanistan wars they would know there is no way that President Bush could have known anything about Sept. 11, 2001.  Having read the 9/11 report it's obvious that we haven't been told the whole truth and the fact that President Bush and Vice President Cheney have never testified on the record about the day keeps these conspiracies alive. With that said I have seen some insane theories and thought it would be fun to create one of my own. So here goes my conspiracy theory (or fan fiction as it were) ..

Bill Clinton is in the middle of his second term and starting to dismantle the military industrial complex that Reagan had started to rebuild, this would cost war profiteers billions if not trillions of dollars. Realizing that there hadn't been any major wars in years and the American people were starting to move away from the idea of a large military these groups that profit from wars held secret meeting in which they planned to get the United States involved in military action which would lead to large profits for them. In these meeting the plan was formed and things were put in motion -

A puppet president would be needed and they found the perfect man for the job, to make sure that he did their bidding one of the corporations leaders would have to move himself into position to have the Presidents ear and influence. When one of these military corporations former leaders was put in charge of finding the perfect VP to run on the republican ticket he chose himself, putting his right next to the president.

The plan was working perfect until they realized that their puppet had a chance of losing the election and the guy who would have won would cut military even more. Luckily the company that made the voting machines was lead by strong republican supporters and the Supreme Court was very conservative and with the help of these two new allies the former Governor took the White House.

Everything was in place and with funding form these corporations and a few people in the right place the plan was set, there was an attack on America and the perfect patsy was found in Osama Bin Laden and his small group of American hating extremists. America now had its new enemy and these corporations now had their new wars, after realizing the profits in war their attention quickly turned to expanding the battlefield and their profits. The thinner the military was stretched the more these companies would be called on and the more their stocks would increase and their profits would skyrocket.

So if 9/11 was an inside job my theory is it wasn't by our government but was an inside job by corporate America and the war profiteers who have gotten rich beyond their wildest dreams. Do I think this is what happened? No, but do I think these companies are evil and greedy enough to have done something like this? Hell Yes.

9/11 was a tragic day, the 4,000 dead Americans in Iraq were a wast of American lives and the companies that profited off all this death are a disgrace.

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