Wednesday, February 5, 2014

America's new slavery

This will probably offend some if not a lot of people, feel free to call me "racist", "ignorant" or whatever you want but this is my blog and this is how I feel. I don't have a racist bone in my body and IF you read my opinion you will see it has nothing to do with race but class.

Since the Confederate states lost the civil war they rich have been trying to bring slavery back to America, not in the old sense but in a new form under the disguise of  "capitalism". Gone are the days of selling people and working them to death, beating them or raping them and the horrors have been replaced with a false promise of improving yourself or being one of the few to rise above your status.

Lets take a company and call it Crawl-Mart as an example, during slavery they would buy someone, work them to death and beat/abuse them if they did not listen. They would cloth, house and feed the slaves as long as they were useful. It was a horrible time in American history and when I hear a rich white person claim they are the "American Dream" I think about the American nightmares like genocide of Native Americans and Slavery that REALLY built America.

Today Crawl-Mart can not treat people like that so they to their version of slavery 2014.  They hire people, work them to death (and get a reward), pay them enough to either feed their family or put a roof over their head and bribe them with "perks" like the ability to see a doctor if you are sick.

You go to work at Crawl-Mart because it's the only job available and you figure it will work until something better comes along. They hire you for 7.50 an hour and you work 40 hours a week, you earn 1,200.00 a month which breaks down to

1200.00 before taxes (fica, federal, local etc) - 250.00 = 950.00

You are lucky enough to find a small place to live for 250.00 a month leaves you 700.00

Utilities (Gas, Water, Electric) - now you are down to 400.00

You live on the bare min. and spend 10.00 a day on food now you are down to 100.00

If you have a child, health insurance, medical emergency etc. now you are in debt.. If you decide to have one of life's luxuries like a phone or TV then you are also in debt.

Now you NEED this job, you can't quit in hopes of finding something better. While you are working Crawl-Mart has secretly taken out a life insurance policy on you (which you can't afford on yourself) and now you are worth more dead than alive to them.

Most slave owners put a roof over their heads and fed them knowing that they needed the sleep and energy to put in the work next day, today's corporations don't even have that much dignity. Now most companies doe a background check on you before hiring that includes your finances, so since Crawl-Mart ruined you and put you in debt company B has no interest in you.

It's a vicious cycle and that's how they keep their employees and why income mobility is worse in America than in most other civilized countries in the world. Brutal beatings, rape and murder have been replaced by "perks" like food and housing and if your new master is kind enough they may even offer you health insurance so you can see a doctor if you are sick. And if you should die, have no fear they will just use some of the cash they get from working you to death to buy (I mean hire) someone new.

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